Vanessa Hudgens masters 'quiet luxury' with this clever invisible storage solution

Mastering 'quiet luxury', Vanessa Hudgens shows how to embody the trend across a more practical storage solution

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Actress Vaness Hudgens, famed for starring as Gabriella Montez in the hit High School Musical film series, has shared a glimpse into her minimally designed home. In the background of the mirror selfie, pictured below, we’re exposed to a sleek and minimal room, presumably a bedroom or dressing room. Whilst the space masters minimalism and neutral room ideas, there’s one design element that’s won our attention: the invisible storage.

Invisible storage is all about minimizing the appearance of storage and blending it seamlessly with the rest of the design of a room. Whilst alternate storage solutions give lots of space to experiment with decorating shelves and accentuate the contents of the exposed storage, invisible storage integrates the storage to create a more minimalist look, hiding the contents from view. 

The minimalist design choice is one we’re seeing increasing in popularity, not least since Hailey Bieber's invisible storage was showcased in the living room of her New York home.

As shown in Hudgens’s home, the wardrobe is handle-less with no visible features, much like the clean minimalist cabinetry we previously spotted in Courteney Cox’s Malibu kitchen. Central to quiet luxury, which is all about understated elegance, this storage solution celebrates a less-is-more approach to establish a pared-back and spacious feel to the home. 

Also central to mastering the quiet luxury trend in the way of storage design, is the careful consideration of color. ‘Choosing colors with the ‘quiet luxury’ trend in mind means carefully selecting a beautiful mix of soft neutrals and adding a hint of deeper shades,’ explains color expert at Dunn-Edwards, Sara McLean.

‘This mix creates warm and cozy spaces that feel elegant and classy without being too showy. It's like finding the perfect balance between simplicity and sophistication, making the rooms feel comfortable and inviting to anyone who steps inside.’

Sara McLean
Sara McLean

Sara McLean is Dunn-Edwards's color expert and stylist. At the Los Angeles-based paint company, Sara observes and creates future paint trends, while keeping an eye on current color demands around the US and internationally. 

As explained by McLean, making sure to opt for slightly contrasting colors will ensure a point of interest remains in the room. In the case of Hudgens's home, the darker-toned wood of the closet contrasts, yet pairs well with the rest of the neutral-colored room, for example, the warm-toned neutral walls and cream rug. 

Shop Vanessa's look

Feeling inspired by Hudgens's take on the quiet luxury trend? While shopping custom-made is the best way to go for invisible storage to ensure seamless integration into the room, there are plenty of ways to bring a sophisticated and minimalist feel. We've rounded up some items inspired by Hudgens for you to shop, guaranteed to elevate your home. 

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