Zooey Deschanel channels classical design with Chinoiserie wallpaper – and design experts approve

Actress Zooey Deschanel is bringing back classical interiors, with her latest Instagram post channeling Chinoiserie wallpaper

Headshot of Zooey Deschanel
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When anticipating the biggest wallpaper trends for 2023 in the interior design world, the Homes & Gardens team was onto something when they predicted Chinoiserie to take a leading spot. 

Characterized by its ethereal design, Chinoiserie is a European take on traditional Chinese art from the eighteenth century, known for its fantastical and whimsical style. Bringing an immediate sense of elegance and charm to the home, it’s no surprise that actress Zooey Deschanel has brought it front of mind in her latest Instagram post.

The actress, best known for her performances in The Good Girl, and 500 Days of Summer, shared photos on her Instagram account of herself in a fitting royal blue robe and vintage-inspired pearls, featuring said Chinoiserie wallpaper-covered wall as a backdrop. The wallpaper in question features subtle florals and bird motifs, with a faded color palette of gold and soft pinks and a distressed finish to give an antique look. 

Making a clear shift from the minimalist and quiet luxury interiors we’re seeing lots of in the homes of celebrities this year, the pictured wallpaper as an interior design choice embodies a classical and timeless charm. 

'Opting for a Chinoiserie-inspired wallpaper design is a timeless look that celebrates traditional interior styles. Whilst it can make a statement in the home, choosing a wallpaper with a muted color palette ensures the pattern remains soft and doesn't overpower the space,' explains Jennifer Ebert, deputy editor at Homes & Gardens. 

Shop Zooey's classical look

Whether your home lends itself to the grandeur and elegance of classical design, or you’re living in a more modern home, the addition of Chinoiserie is a bold design choice guaranteed to make a statement. Nodding to core rustic style, we’re loving its ability to bring a sense of character to a home. If you're loving the antique charm of Chinoiserie wallpaper as much as we are, shop the below products to recreate Zooey's look, or get inspired by other country wallpaper ideas. Make sure to incorporate other vintage-inspired pieces into the room to create a cohesive end result. 

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