The 5 best ways to organize barbecue equipment – recommended by pros

Get prepped for grilling. These are the top strategies to make outdoor cooking easy from the experts

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Well organized barbecue equipment helps make alfresco cooking an even more pleasurable experience. It means you can serve up tasty meat and veggies with the unique flavor of the outdoors more easily, making the most of time spent with family and friends.

The best grill or best gas grill will ensure you’ve got the cooking itself covered, letting you do so with your preferred fuel and delivering the flavor you love. But important, too, is how you organize the equipment you need, which will make all the difference to food preparation and its results.

We asked the experts to share their top tips on cleaning and storing as well as organizing to make your outdoor cooking go smoothly, and this is what they told us.

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5 top tips on organizing BBQ equipment from the pros

Whether you have an outdoor kitchen to make cooking in the yard easy and incorporate a grill into it, or you have a grill on the patio, or elevate it to become an outdoor grill station, to make cooking a piece of cake, you need to get organized. These are the best ways to do so, direct from the people in the know.

1. Go for a portable cart with storage

A portable cart is a great way to improve your grill setup. ‘One of the best ways to keep your BBQ grill and other accessories organized is by using a portable cart with storage compartments,’ says Wendy Wang, a home design and renovation expert. 

A portable cart is an ideal storage solution for those who want to move their BBQ around whenever needed. Carts feature drawers and a bottom shelf that can be used to store necessary BBQ items like tongs, brushes, spices, or grill covers.

Look for plentiful storage options within a cart. This NUUK Deluxe Outdoor Rolling Prep Station from Amazon has a drawer and hooks for utensils and accessories among its features.

Wendy Wang
Wendy Wang

Wendy is a home design and renovation expert and the owner of F&J Outdoors, an outdoor appliance and storage company based in Pennsylvania.

2. Add a pegboard wall

Handy for all sorts of organizational tasks, a pegboard can also be ideal for barbecue equipment, acccording to Mike Futia, founder of Grill Frenzy, allowing easy organization of equipment. It is also simple to install and can be customized to suit individual needs with space for different sizes of barbecue tools.

‘I recommend setting up a pegboard near your grilling equipment,’ says Mike. ‘A pegboard lets you see everything at once, and grab what you need quickly. I love that I can hang my tools which prevents them from getting damaged or dirty.’

This Wall Control 30-P-3232GV Galvanized Steel Pegboard Pack from Amazon is highly rated and made from strong and durable material.

Mike Futia
Mike Futia

Grill Frenzy began as a way to record and share Mike’s grilling and smoking recipes with family and friends. Over time, it grew from a casual hobby into a full-blown passion.

3. Incorporate a magnetic tool strip

A magnetic strip is a super simple and effective grill organizing addition. ‘My favorite solution for keeping BBQ utensils organized is a magnetic strip,’ says Mark McShane, a home improvement expert. ‘It is an easy and affordable way to store tools like tongs, spatulas, and other small utensils.’

This Storage Tool Organizer Set from Amazon is easy to install and will tidy tools to create more work space when you’re grilling.

4. Optimize your grill space

Make sure you’re using the space your grill offers efficiently with grill baskets, racks, and shelves for better organization. These accessories can help you maximize the grilling surface while keeping different food items separate, says Raychel Klein, founder of RayBayBay. Additionally, they can be used as temporary storage spaces for utensils or plates during the cooking process.

Use labeled boxes or containers to categorize and store smaller items like skewers, marinade brushes and grill mats. This makes it easier to locate specific items when you need them.

Raychel Klein
Raychel Klein

Raychel Klein started her home organization business in 2020 with the mission of helping people escape the vicious cycle of clutter. She is a certified KonMari consultant based in Seattle, Washington.

5. Store BBQ grills and smokers

If you want to better organize your barbecue equipment, think storage. ‘The number one mistake folks make with BBQ equipment is leaving it uncovered and exposed to the elements,’ says Anthony Lucchino, founder of Grill Smoke Repeat. ‘This significantly reduces the lifespan of the grill or smoker by many years!’

It’s best practice to store your grill or smoker under cover when it’s not in use. This can be on a porch, or covered outdoor kitchen area. If you don’t have shelter readily available, the next best thing is to cover your grill after each use. Be sure to replace the cover when it gets worn out. A cover with rips in it is about the same as leaving the grill uncovered.


What are two essential items for a barbecue?

One essential is sufficient fuel for the barbecue. Be sure to have a spare tank of propane or a supply of charcoal, as necessary depending on the type of grill you have. There’s nothing worse than running out of fuel. Utensils are also a must: tongs and a spatula should be to hand. Not essential, but great to have beforehand are some barbecue recipes to broaden the range of food you serve up.

Getting organized will make grilling a smoother process but make sure you’re prepared for outdoor dining, too, whether in an outdoor kitchen or on the patio or deck. On your list of items aside from plates and silverware so you’re ready to eat in the yard? Don’t forget a bottle opener to make serving drinks easy, and allow diners to season food to taste with salt and pepper shakers on hand.

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Seraphina is a contributing editor at Homes & Gardens, writing Solved features on organizing and storage. She loves to decorate and also grow her own produce from her home in London. Her previous experience includes working at Women's Health and Fabulous Magazine.