The Sill has launched its first-ever outdoor plant range – and we think it fulfills all of your tree-planting needs

From colorful fruit trees to beautiful evergreens, The Sill's new outdoor collection arrives just in time for spring planting – take a look at our favorite finds

The Sill outdoor plants
(Image credit: The Sill)

The Sill's brand new, first-ever outdoor plant collection is here – and we couldn't be more excited by the launch. 

The Sill has long been loved by plant parents for its excellent range of indoor plants, and now, the new outdoor plant collection offers keen gardeners a wide choice of trees and shrubs to add to their backyard. 'We’ve been growing with our customers for more than a decade, helping them hone their Plant Parent skills and expand their collections. So the logical next step is the outdoor category,' says CEO and founder of The Sill, Eliza Blank.

Whether you need low-maintenance trees for pots or are looking for something a bit bigger like trees for privacy, The Sill's new outdoor collection has options to suit spaces of all styles and sizes. We've compiled our top picks from this exciting new range so you can browse the best buys on offer.

Our top picks from The Sill's outdoor plant range

For the first time ever, online plant retailer The Sill is offering outdoor plants and we think it has something for every tree and shrub need. Explore our favorites below.

Evergreen trees

Evergreen trees topiary

(Image credit: Jacky Parker Photography via Getty Images)

Choosing to include an evergreen tree in your backyard is a great idea for reliable, all-year interest. The Sill is offering a handful of evergreen trees of different shapes and sizes, ideal for creating garden privacy or a shade garden.

Flowering Trees

Magnolia tree

(Image credit: Landscapes, Seascapes, Jewellery & Action Photographer via Getty Images)

Who doesn't love spring blooms? From pink flowering trees for pots to fast growing flowering trees, The Sill's new outdoor range is full of fabulous florals. We particularly love the new hydrangeas and roses which will instantly brighten up your backyard.

Fruit Trees

Lemon tree in pots

(Image credit: sunara via Getty Images)

A valuable addition to any kitchen garden, fruit trees provide a delicious harvest and they're beautiful to look at. There are an astounding number of edible plants available in The Sill's new outdoor plant range but we particularly love the unique varieties on offer.


Can I plant any tree in my garden?

Which trees you can plant in you backyard will depend on the US hardiness zone you are in. It's important to do some research around the tree you would like to grow in your garden to see if it will be happy in your local climate. Failing to do so can risk the tree not growing well and even dying. The good news is that no matter where you are located or the size of your yard, there is a tree for every garden.

We're excited that The Sill has launched its first outdoor plant range and think that it has something for every gardener. From fruit to flowers, these new plants from The Sill are sure to brighten up any yard just in time for spring. 

Make sure to properly research any plants you're adding to your yard or garden so you can ensure any key jobs are added to your gardening checklist. Explore our spring gardening checklist in our dedicated feature.

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