A tiny house that embraces color and pattern? This maximalist space shows you how it is done

Interior designer Rozit Arditi dabbled successfully with a spectrum of shades to breathe life into the previously blank spaces of this home

Grey sofa, multi coloured armchair, television
(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

When interior designer Rozit Arditi was brought in to create a look for this Brooklyn home, she was greeted by wall-to-wall white emulsion and the effect ‘was rather chilly’. In marked contrast, Rozit decided to use color and pattern to introduce personality. The brief was to make this a home that the owners genuinely look forward to returning to at the end of the day – a place that feels warm, interesting, and inviting. 

To owners, who had previously worked with Rozit on two other apartments in the city, knew they could trust her to bring their vision to life. This time they wanted to break away from the white box look of the typical condo apartments and fill their home with colors that would make them and their family happy. The owners, a couple with two children, love color, but they needed their home to be child-friendly too. This was the challenge and Rozit knew she could deliver.  

The concept of decorating with color is all too often misinterpreted. 'When people hear that I love working with room color, it can sound a little daunting,' says Rozit. 'But that is because they imagine bright primary shades, the stuff of nursery school paintings. But that is not the case, instead, this home is a masterclass in clever color combinations and pattern that sings but doesn't shout.' It’s an approach that suits this Brooklyn apartment, where key architectural elements have been retained but the family also wanted a bold, contemporary look.

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Pink armchair, blue and white wallpaper, white shelves

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

Patterned wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to make an impression in a previously dingy living space. A scenic wall mural is the biggest story in wallpaper trends for 2023 – wonderfully atmospheric and evocative, a stunning wall mural will transform and capture the imagination.

Decorating this space was a lot of fun for Rozit. It is a small space so you can be as wild as you like. 'Treat is like an exquisite jewelry box,' she says.

Grey sofa, multi coloured armchair, television

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

As the space is small and open-plan, the wallpaper carries on into the dining space. 'Start off by thinking about color,' says Rozit. 'The palette you choose will guide your decisions when it comes to choosing wallpaper designs and will act as the basis for pulling your scheme together.

White and blue wallpaper, wooden floor

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

Pendant light, wooden stools, white cabinets

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

In this kitchen, white cabinetry helps to ground the arresting color scheme without dulling its allure, while allowing light to successfully bounce around the room. Finding ways to increase the natural light in the kitchen is a great way to combat the challenges and make a small kitchen look bigger

Orange lampshade, blue blanket, white bed

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

Kids’ room ideas have to deliver in a whole host of ways, and this one ticks all the right boxes. It’s a challenging brief, but the right colors and patterns can energize and invigorate adults and children alike. 

Young minds benefit hugely from the use of color, invention, and playfulness in their bedrooms to stimulate their imaginations and their playtime.

Grey headboard, wooden bedside table

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

Color can play an important role in the main bedroom too. Stick to two to three color combinations for a thoroughly modern space. Serene, inviting, and comfortable, this predominantly grey bedroom, with its simple and elegant bed, needs little additional adornment but is freshened by some ultra-pretty wallpaper and statement art. 

Wooden chairs, grey outdoor sofa with cushions

(Image credit: Arditi Design / Claire Esparros)

When it comes to roof garden ideas, it’s important to get the right mix of materials and planting for creating a space with year-round interest, which is exactly what Rozit has mastered here. It is worth noting that the use of color and pattern, which follows us through the home, doesn't end there. The designer wasn't afraid to be bold and it has certainly paid off in this roof garden, which is just an extension of the home. 

Interior design / Arditi Design

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