DIY fall decor ideas – 5 crafts to get you in the fall spirit

Fall is the best time to sit down and get crafty – here are some decor DIYs to get you started

SOmoene making a fall wreath on a white table
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One of the best hobbies for fall is crafting. There is something about sitting down and working with your hands that can really get you in the seasonal spirit – so why not try DIY fall decor? 

Given that decorating for the season can be pricey, and leave you with lots to store throughout the year, making your own fall decor can be a simple solution if you are looking to cut down on your waste or are running out of space in your home. 

With that in mind, we have rounded up expert crafters' five favorite fall craft ideas to get you started.

DIY fall decor ideas 

There is, of course, the obvious choice of decorating with pumpkins for the season, but these DIYs offer a more personalized alternative, perfect for adding your own touch to the season.  

1. Create a pumpkin planter

Pumpkin planters with flowers in them on porch steps

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Rather than carving pumpkins for a Halloween display, Justin Soleimani, co-founder of Tumble, the homeware company, suggests swapping to a plastic alternative to carve out a planter to display fall foliage

‘A hanging pumpkin planter is an amazing and affordable DIY fall decor idea. All you need is a plastic jack-o-lantern (Dollar Tree often has a wide variety that is healthy on the budget) and some string or wiring to hang. 

‘Simply pot your plant in the jack-o'-lantern, punch some holes in the bottom for drainage, and tie on the string or wire to hang where appropriate. The orange of the pumpkin will be the perfect fall complement to the greenery of one’s favorite plant.’

2. Style a fall table centerpiece

lantern with dried stems and mini pumpkins, real and faux on table

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Fall table decor is a great way to add a seasonal touch to your hosting, and making your own table centerpiece can add a personalized touch to wow your guests.

‘One of my favorite no-fuss ways to decorate for fall is using a few mini pumpkins and gourds with what I have on hand for clear glass vases and cloches,’ shares Kim Demmon, crafter and founder of Today’s Creative Life.

‘Simply place your rustic pumpkins into the glass vase or cloche and set them in a bowl or on a plate. Another easy DIY Fall idea is to place a pumpkin into a bowl and fill it around with other rustic items you can find in your yard or outdoors.’

 Kim Demmon
Kim Demmon

Back in 2007 Kim loved looking at craft and decorating blogs and wished they were easier to find. Within 5 minutes, Kim created Today’s Creative Blog where she featured a new creative based blog almost every day!  It was quite the excitement to be featured by TCB.

3. DIY paper leaf wreath

A white paper fall wreath

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Fall garlands and fall wreaths are easy to DIY and can be made from a huge assortment of materials to suit any home scheme. 

If you are not one for hunting through the undergrowth for fallen leaves, Kim Demmon, crafter, recommends making a paper leaf garland instead: 

‘All you need for this DIY Fall project is a grapevine wreath, cardstock, and a leaf template. I used a Cricut cutting machine, available at Amazon,  to speed up the cutting, but you could hand cut if wanted or needed. Simply glue the leaves on the wreath positioning as you go. Add a ribbon and hang.’ 

4. Or opt for a real leaf garland

fall wreath made from leaves/fall foliage on rattan base on rustic door

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Of course, there is nothing quite like making a fall wreath with real foliage from your yard, says Inez Stanway, crafter and founder of Monday Mandala, and it is a fun and easy way to bring the colors of fall into your home.

‘Collect some beautiful, colorful fall leaves from outside. If you’re using real leaves, you might want to preserve them by pressing them in a book for a few days or sealing them with a clear craft sealant,’ she recommends. 

‘Then, use a needle and a strong thread or twine to string the leaves together. You could alternate with acorns or pinecones for added texture and interest. Once you have strung your desired amount, simply hang the garland along a mantle, doorway, or wall.’

Inez Stanway

Inez Stanway, a self-taught illustrator and dedicated mother of two, originates from Atlanta, Georgia.

5. DIY fall pillows

Velvet Pumpkin Shaped Pillow

(Image credit: Pottery Barn)

One of the most obvious seasonal swaps we make to our homes in fall is our soft furnishings. While it is easy to find seasonal offerings in stores, Kim Demmon recommends making your own fall decal pillows to scatter around your home instead – that way it truly matches your scheme.

‘All you need is a non-textured pillow cover, iron-on transfer paper, and the image you want to use to create a custom look,’ she says. ‘It's that simple. With this simple DIY craft, I was able to create pumpkin and gourd pillows to give my living room a touch of fall.’

Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper | $8.93 at Amazon

Iron-on Heat Transfer Paper | $8.93 at Amazon
Whether you're an experienced crafter or new to DIY projects, this transfer paper is easy to use and suitable for all skill levels.


What is the easiest way to decorate for fall?

One of the simplest ways to decorate for fall is to use pumpkins and lots of them. Picking pumpkins in a range of colors, sizes, and shapes can help to create interest when you stack them up as table centerpieces, around your mantle, or on your porch. Combine these with some other foliage such as pine cones, hay bales, and dried flowers and you have a simple natural scheme without much effort.

How can I make fall decorations cheaply?

If you are looking to avoid splurging on your fall decor this year, making your own is a great approach. Try to use what nature offers you, such as real leaves, pinecones, and other fall foliage to make display jars or wreaths. You can also use what is already around your home, such as old paint to add a spooky or fall-themed palette to an existing piece of decor that you perhaps don't love as much anymore.

If you are ever stuck wondering how to start decorating for fall, making your own DIY fall decor can be a great place to start and get the inspiration flowing. Combining your own handmade decor with foliage and pumpkins will add a rustic, cozy appeal to your seasonal decorations and give you that instant satisfaction that you did it all yourself, or with your family.

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