What are the most luxurious color combinations? 7 pairings that always elevate a room

Experts say these are the luxury color combinations to try this year

Luxury color combinations
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There are a few luxury color combinations to consider if you're trying to create a space that feels rich and opulent. With the right shades, different colors can work together to create a scheme that feel elevated, without making the room feel small or too dark.

Room color ideas play a big part in creating the right atmosphere in your home. Luxury color combinations can vary from warm neutrals and earthy tones to more moody and jewel-toned spaces, so you can capture an opulent atmosphere without compromising on your personal style.

From color-drenched spaces in saturated hues to warm beiges and neutral tones, we've turned to color experts to find out their favorite luxury color combinations we should all be trying in 2024.

 7 expert-approved luxury color combinations 

Creating a luxurious interior design scheme doesn't mean compromising on function or style. These ideas, courtesy of interior designers and color experts, blend style, opulence, and comfort to create a space you'll never want to leave.

1. Gold and green

Moody bedroom painted in dark green with hints of yellow and golds

Shades of green have dominated interior design trends in recent years, but this versatile hue can feel incredibly sumptuous and luxurious when paired with the right colors – and gold is one such hue.

'Tonal shades of green offer a great foundation for a luxurious scheme. Picture rich emeralds, lush moss greens, and hints of jade intermingling seamlessly. To elevate this palette, I'd introduce complementary hues such as sumptuous golds and pops of mustard,' says Interior designer Matthew Williamson.

'Imagine accents of shimmering gold metallics or warm mustard yellow creating a harmonious and lavish ambiance. This combination evokes a sense of grandeur and elegance, perfect for creating a truly luxurious space,' he adds.

In this bedroom, shades of green form the basis of the scheme, while an ornate gold mirror on the wall and rich mustard bedding add an indulgent sense of luxury to the scheme, elevating and adding a brightness to the space.

2. A Monochrome scheme with mixed finishes

Dining room painted black with an antique brown dresser and colorful artwork

(Image credit: Farrow & Ball)

While this might not be a color combination as such, using different paint finishes together can create an elevated scheme. This gives you the option to decorate a room in one dramatic color while still having some element of contrast.

'One way to help elevate a room from mundane to something more glamorous can be judicious use of paint and finishes. However, it is important to get the right color. Moving from a neutral to a deeper and darker shade can create a magical transformation,' says Patrick O'Donnell, international brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball.

'Try our blackest blue Railings for a bedroom or the deeply nuanced Green Smoke for a living room, and even consider painting in a finish with a higher sheen. Our Full Gloss, if applied correctly, can create an incredible faux lacquer effect. But be warned, you do need the smoothest substrate for best results,' he adds.

3. Jewel tones

Purple living room, purple sofa and armchair

(Image credit: Paint and Paper Library)

Nothing says luxury like jewel tones – combining two or three of these hues will create a warm, luxurious scheme. 'Jewel tones always feel very luxurious to me – I love using colors like emerald, amethyst, burgundy, and sapphire to create a really opulent look,' says Kathy Kuo, CEO of Kathy Kuo Home.

'I would recommend not going over the top in trying to mix too many different dark jewel tones together all at once; opt for two that you love and pair them with a lighter warm neutral for contrast. The result is instant quiet luxury,' she adds.

Various shades of purple create a luxurious scheme in this living room – using the lighter hue on the ceilings helps the room to feel larger and brighter even though the main color is dark. Kathy suggests also introducing luxurious materials like velvet, cashmere, and leather to further elevate the space.

4. Chocolate brown and warm neutrals

Bathroom painted dark chocolate brown with a warm beige bathtub

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Typical bathroom color ideas usually include lots of white and colors like blue or green. But these spaces can really benefit from warmer hues, especially if you're looking to create a luxury bathroom scheme.

‘Bathrooms are often painted white out of habit, but rather than a cold, generic, white scheme, consider creating a relaxing haven with deep indulgent Chocolate Colour,' suggests Ruth Mottershead, creative director at Little Greene.

'Dark, warm, and sumptuous, Chocolate Colour will bring a sense of opulence whilst creating a natural and nurturing feeling. Avoid pairing with harsh bright whites and instead combine deep brown with natural stone hues, warm whites or warm greys such as Rolling Fog Dark for a luxurious feel that envelops the space and adds warmth,' she adds.

5. Navy blue and brass accents

navy devol kitchen with green walls and a long kitchen table with a large chandelier

(Image credit: deVOL Kitchens)

In a kitchen color scheme, introducing a sense of luxury can come from the right color and hardware pairing. 'Creating a luxurious color scheme often involves incorporating rich, deep hues and metallic accents, such as navy blue and brass,' says Burcu Garnier, co-founder at Color Atelier.

'We would carefully consider various elements such as walls, furniture, accessories and accents. We typically select one color from the pairing to serve as the dominant shade. This color will typically be used for larger elements in the room, such as walls or major furniture pieces,' she adds.

'For example, if you've chosen navy blue and brass, you might decide to paint the walls navy blue or invest in a navy blue sofa as a focal point. We then choose one or two complementary colors from our scheme to accent the dominant color. These accent colors can be used for smaller furniture pieces, accent walls, backsplashes and more,' Burcu explains.

6. Mix different neutral hues

Beige bedroom with textured throw and white bedlinen

(Image credit: The White Company)

Although luxurious interiors are often associated with more saturated hues, decorating with neutrals can be just as effective. Instead of creating a scheme that feels dramatic and sumptuous, it creates a more calming, understated sense of luxury.

'Mixing a range of neutral tones is key to achieving a serene sense of luxury. By blending beiges, grays, and other muted shades, you accentuate subtle undertones, instilling tranquility and sophistication into the room,' says Hannah Yeo, senior manager of color marketing at Benjamin Moore.

'Pair soft, subdued tones, like sandy beige and silvery sage, and accents of amber for a calming and peaceful environment. Ensure harmony and balance by carefully considering the ratio and proportion of each element. Introducing smaller accents such as plants, pottery and textural baskets add layers of depth and intrigue to the overall design,' she adds.

7. Black and brown

Dining area painted dark brown with black accents

(Image credit: Little Greene)

Once a controversial color pairing, black and brown used together can create a truly luxurious space. ‘Warm, brown shades of honey, caramel, and chocolate will bring warmth and comfort into our homes, creating cozy, luxurious interiors that appeal to all the senses,' says Ruth.

'Perfect for use in ‘all-over’ schemes in both contemporary and traditional settings, these delightful hues work really well in a colour-drenched room as an alternative to white, grey, or stone. Juxtapose them with deeper browns and blacks to create a captivating, sophisticated interior,' she suggests.

In this scheme, a warm brown hue has been used on the walls to create a sense of warmth, while the fireplace has been painted black for a dramatic contrast.

Whether you're a minimalist who sticks to neutrals or prefer a bright, color-drenched space, these luxury color combinations suit every style and space. It's all about pairing the right colors in the right way – pick a hue to be your primary color, and then choose a complimentary shade to use for accents. And remember to choose colors you really love – it's you who has to live with them!

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