Martyn Lawrence Bullard's 5 favorite design books for infinite interior design inspiration

The celebrity interior designer walks us through his design inspiration and why he loves each book

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Where do you go when you are looking for interior design inspiration? If you are Martyn Lawrence Bullard, interior decorator to the stars, the answer is design books. In a recent Instagram video, Martyn said: 'I am such a big fan of books. They are such a source of inspiration for me, they are so very important to my work.'

If, like us, you turn to Martyn's designs for home decor ideas, you'll be so excited to get to the source with his recommendations for design books this season. As he reminds us, 'design books are amazing, they're not just for decoration.' Here are the iconic designer's favorites.

1. New Visions by Francois Halard

In Martyn Lawrence Bullard's words, 'Francois Halard, who is one of the most incredible photographers of our time has put out this beautiful book that is so cool and edgy. Fashion meets interiors meets pure style.' 

This gorgeous volume catalogs the last four decades of the artist's work from Vogue to World of Interiors. It is the final of his three-volume magnum opus.

2. David Netto by David Netto

Unsurprisingly, the work of prolific designer David Netto appeared on Martyn Lawrence Bullard's list. Martyn Bullard says, 'A fantastic designer based here in Los Angeles and works in New York who has his own really cool vibe, and this beautiful book really highlights his style.'

This book is the first monograph of David Netto's work. The eclectic aesthetic of the volume is a treasure trove of decorating ideas

3. Redefining Comfort by Jake Arnold

Described as a 'rising star of the interior design world,' Jake Arnold's endorsement by Martyn Lawrence Bullard is sure to take him far. MLB says: 'Jake Arnold who is a super young English decorator based here in LA as well who's created an amazing company called The Expert, that I'm actually on, has brought out his first book which is really cool it shows his style - this sort of modern, really cool vibe.'

The book showcases how Jake integrates the traditions of his English upbringing with the luxurious, contemporary California lifestyle.

4. Shamshiri: Interiors by Pamela Shamshiri

Studio Shamshiri, headed by Pam Shamshiri has become famous for narrative-driven interiors with contemporary design balanced by touches of the past. Martyn Lawrence Bullard says: 'I'm a big fan of hers and her company. Again she's got this kind of vintage meets modern edge that is super duper sexy and very 21st century. I just love how organic and cool her work is.'

This book dives into the broad spectrum of houses designed by the legendary studio. Photos include homes designed by A. Quincy Jones and Rudolf Schindler. The book includes advice and decorating lessons for readers.

5. Star Style by Martyn Lawrence Bullard

The list of favorite interior design books would be incomplete without mention of Martyn's new book. He says, 'Last but not least, my very own book, Star Style, also published by Vendome, showing kind of the best of the best of my last decade.' 

The book includes photos of many of the most spectacular spaces designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard, including RuPaul's entryway and Cher's California home.

If you love Martyn Lawrence Bullard's designs, why not take a leaf from his book, or five. Read on for our list of top 5 celebrity homes from Martyn Lawrence Bullard which offers even more interior design inspiration.

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