Portola Paints unveils new paint curations created by leading interior designers to celebrate its 25th anniversary

Brigette Romanek, Jake Arnold, and Amber Lewis are just a few of the designers involved

neutral kitchen
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LA-based paint company Portola Paints is marking 25 years in business by unveiling a new series of paint curations, created by a set of leading interior designers.

The designers include Jake Arnold, Brigette Romanek, Amber Lewis, Leanne Ford, and Nickey Kehoe, all of whom have crafted unique paint trend curations to reflect their design styles – they're ideal if you're looking for paint ideas and inspiration. 

'We are thrilled to celebrate 25 years in business with curated picks from some of our biggest supporters and brand fans,' explains Jamie Davis, co-founder of Portola Paints.

'Using our knowledge of pigment and saturation, we design full-spectrum colors that reflect a broader range of light and coordinate in subtle, yet powerful ways, to any environment. Honoring time-old traditions, our team blends every color by hand to ensure color depth and accuracy and embraces ancient techniques with our exclusive Lime Wash and Roman Clay coatings as well as other specialty products reminiscent of the past.' continues Jamie.

A closer look at the designers' paint curations

plaster pink paint in open kitchen

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Much like her signature organic design style, Amber Interiors' paint picks reflect soft and earthy hues, including the likes of Piano Room, Highland, and Rustica, all of which are in the 'Roman Clay' plaster finish. 'I think in powder rooms or bedrooms the addition of texture can make either of these rooms feel much more elevated,' she explains.

Dark limewash bathroom with marble sink

(Image credit: Jake Arnold/Micheal Clifford)

Jake Arnold's curation also includes a selection of muted and organic hues, such as the ivory off-white Patagonia which he describes as 'the perfect warm, off-white shade that works in many different spaces and contexts.' His curation also includes the mid-tone pink Society, and a richer beige hue Presidente, to name just a few. 

Jake Arnold
Jake Arnold

In 2020, aged 30, Jake Arnold launched his interior design firm – mastering in tactile, atmospheric interiors that will stand the test of time. He has since gone on to design homes for the most fashionable figures in Los Angeles, including Chrissy Teigen and Sophia Bush. In 2021 he also co-founded The Expert – an industry-first platform that creates connections for one-to-one online consultations with over 130 respected designers. 

green bathroom with marble counter

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By contrast, interior design studio Nickey Kehoe's curation favors bold and deeper hues, which 'seems to draw so purely from the natural world,' according to the design duo, and includes Wishing Well, a rich forest green; Cobalt, which is a slightly toned down variation of classic cobalt blue; and Joshua Tree, a rich and warm brown hue that's perfect for an elevated take on decorating with neutrals

To view the full set of newly unveiled paint curations from all five interior designers, read more at Portola Paints, where you can also shop the paints for all of your home decor ideas.

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