Shea McGee shares the 'perfect formula' for designing a kids' twin bedroom – featuring an unexpected layout

Less is more for the interior designer when it comes to twin-bedroom furniture

kids bedroom with twin beds and Shea McGee
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Kids' bedrooms are the perfect spaces to embrace playful decor and let creativity run wild. However, that doesn't mean these rooms come without their fair share of design challenges. 

If you're designing a kids' twin bedroom, furniture can quickly overpower the space if a traditional layout is followed.

But with the right layout, kids' room ideas can feel balanced and stylish, and interior designer Shea McGee proves this in one of her latest decorating advice videos all about small bedrooms

In the YouTube video, Shea shares an unconventional approach to the furniture layout of a kids' twin bedroom, and not only does it look stylish, but it's a great idea for kids' or guest bedrooms that are already tight on square footage.

Shea suggests teaming twin beds with just one nightstand in the middle, rather than a separate one for both beds, as demonstrated above in the bedroom she designed. 

'When I am designing kids' spaces with two twin beds I often opt to do one larger nightstand in the middle so that it centers the space and also breaks up the pairs,' Shea explains in the video.

'I like to have a central focal point if the room allows for it,' she continues, explaining that the more traditional layout of a nightstand beside each bed can create 'so many pairs'. 

To further enhance the focal point enabled by the standalone bedside table, Shea continues to explain how a rug can complete the look: 'I think that the rug also provides that centering function,' referencing the McGee & Co. wool and jute handwoven checkered rug that features in the space.

Toy storage ideas

(Image credit: Paint & Paper Library/Isabelle Lomas)

Following the expertise of Shea and including just one nightstand in your twin bedroom can enhance its design appeal by avoiding too many bulky furniture items, instead creating a balanced look. 

When choosing the right nightstand, make sure it's large enough. The nightstand should allow enough surface and storage space for two and be big enough to properly fill the space between the beds.

Below, you can shop some of our favorite nightstands to recreate a similar look in your kids' or guest bedroom

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