Shea McGee just shared all the furniture she used to decorate her forever home – these are our favorite picks

Interior designer and McGee & Co. founder Shea McGee knows a thing or two about furniture. These are the pieces she picked out for her own home

Shea McGee in her kitchen
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When you design furniture for a living, you'll inevitably want to try out a few of the pieces in your own home. And for Shea McGee, interior designer and founder of McGee & Co., the options are nearly endless. In a recent design project, Shea made some significant renovations to her own forever home in Salt Lake City, Utah – and it goes without saying that quite a bit of McGee & Co. furniture made its way into the final space.

We can't get enough of McGee & Co.'s collections as it is, and Shea's done us a favor by picking out some of the brand's most stunning pieces to feature in her own home. And even better, she's taken to social media to share exactly which pieces she chose. Room by room, here's a rundown of the furniture that made it into Shea McGee's remodel, plus our pick of the best pieces.

The furniture pieces that made their way into Shea McGee's home

From a gorgeous open-plan living room with lofty ceilings to a well-lit yet cozy main bedroom, Shea had so many spaces to decorate within her family's forever home. And a tour of the house is like a treasure hunt for McGee & Co. products – they're around practically every corner. Though there are too many to count, these are the notable pieces she shared  – and the ones we'd love to take home as well.

1. Entryway

The home's entryway features a modern rustic style set of drawers, which is packed with McGee & Co. decorative accessories. A Gilded Rope Frame contains a lovely family portrait, while a Wicker Footed Urn adds texture and character to the vignette. Interior design coffee table books, Perrin Marble Taper Holders and fresh flowers make the surface sing. Shea elevates the small entryway by hanging an elegant yet pared back Ludwig Wall Mirror above the console, allowing for last-minute touch-ups on the way out the door.

Shea McGee
Shea McGee

Interior designer, Shea McGee founded her iconic design firm, Studio McGee, with her husband Syd in 2014. They later launched their e-commerce brand, McGee & Co, and starred in their very own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover.

2. Living room

The living room furniture arrangement is just the beginning of the McGee & Co. selection featured in the home's main room. A white Wilhelmina Slipcover Sofa and a dark gray Hildegard Sofa frame the seating area, bringing a variety of sleek shapes to the space. Additional living room seating options, like the brand's beige velvet Byron Chair and sophisticated Scaletta Bench, offer room for the entire family.

'I designed the Scaletta Bench with a slip skirt of ivory striped linen. It was the perfect fit to bring a more traditional feel to my living room,' Shea writes in the blog post about the space.

The coffee table features two elegant Tottenham Taper Holders, more interior design books and, of course, fresh flowers. The light and airy space is the definition of Shea's modern charm style.

3. Dining room

Shea's dining room features expansive windows and ornate green wallpaper –  a last-minute design decision that absolutely paid off. The Orville Extension Dining Table, a streamlined design with tapered corners, is surrounded by Sascha Slipcover Dining Chairs at the ends and organic, ornate chairs around the sides. 

The whole space is pulled together with a Diamond Braided Jute Rug, adding visual interest and natural texture to the luxurious space. Above, a gold light fixture adds a modern touch.

4. Primary bedroom

The McGee main bedroom is packed full of McGee & Co. pieces, and Shea says the Walt Bed is 'one of the star pieces in the room.' The defining headboard in dark brown draws the eye, though Mays Table Lamps placed on Dana Nightstands on either side of the bed help to frame the space. 

Layered lighting is the name of the game in any bedroom, and a Fontaine Offset Chandelier and Aldorno Floor Lamp ensure a sophisticated lighting scheme in this space. A Tali Burl Wood Dresser and Philippa Settee make appearances in the room as well, and artwork is tastefully spread throughout the space.

5. Upstairs nook

Within Shea's home, there's a small landing space at the top of the staircase, which she's decorated with style. 'The Clemence Chair in velvet became an instant favorite of mine, and paired perfectly with the Goodrich Table with wavy legs in this smaller space,' she writes.

The lush, textured chair accompanies a larger-than-live tapestry in gorgeous blues, greens and yellows, and throw pillows – including McGee & Co.'s Abbey Silk Fringe Pillow Cover – make the space snug and cozy.

6. Wren's bedroom

As part of the renovation, the kids' rooms got refreshes as well. In the first bedroom, Shea made sure to integrate her daughter Wren's favorite color: light blue. The color comes through with painted wood detailing, plus the gorgeous Roslin Hand-Knotted Wool Rug, which brings a grounded, cozy atmosphere to the space. The Northcott Bed provides a stunning focal point, and Chatmen Striped and Pennywood Pillow Covers add to the welcoming environment.

Extra seating makes an appearance here too, with an armchair and the Channel Ottoman, and comfortable bedding, from the Briony Gauze Quilt to the Inger Gauze Coverlet, is scattered throughout the space. This space is quaint yet playful, fitted with a desk nook and large set of drawers so the space can adapt and grow as time goes on.  As for our personal favorite design accessory in Wren's room? The Shagreen Table Clock is a must-have.

7. Ivy's bedroom

Ivy's room makes full use of wallpaper's power, with Pimpernel Wallpaper bringing bold color and pattern to the adjoining bathroom. An impressive canopy bed fitted with a Ruffle White Linen Duvet Cover strikes just the right balance of childlike and considered. Plus, two Arie Ottomans at the foot of the bed provide extra room for story time. This room's mixture of pretty pinks and darker, moody tones is stunning.

'I chose the Mackenna Dresser in a rich inky blue color which added contrast from the pinks and whites in the rest of the room,' says Shea.

There's no shortage of design inspiration to be found in the McGees family home, and the space offers the perfect testing ground for some of the brand's star pieces. Have a look at how Shea styled these furniture pieces and have a go in your own home – they'll fit right in with your own personal design style, too.

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