If you are loving pale yellow interiors, but want something more neutral, this designer just shared the perfect paints

Interior designer Tiffany Leigh says 'bright whites' are on their way out – and these are the warm, welcoming shades replacing them

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In recent years, interior design trends have shifted considerably. Pared-back, minimalist spaces had their moment, but now homeowners and designers alike are getting excited about personality-driven, more-is-more design. And while neutral paint colors will always be a design staple, they're not exempt from the warm, welcoming refresh that's taking over color trends.

Warmer neutral paints are all the rage at the moment, and we are seeing a lot of gorgeous pale yellow spaces that really highlight the move away from pure white spaces. Tiffany Leigh, founder and principal designer of Tiffany Leigh Design, is loving these shades as well, and she recently took to Instagram to share a list of her favorite magnolia neutrals. She says they bring a cozy, warm atmosphere to any home design.

'I think since the pandemic, people are looking to feel cozier in their spaces overall. We want our homes to feel like a hug – a safe, sheltered space. Cool whites can feel bright, airy and modern, but they can also read colder and more clinical than creams do,' Tiffany Leigh tells H&G.

In the video, Tiffany Leigh shares that as a designer, she's asked about decorating with neutrals quite frequently. And because 'everybody loves a neutral and bright whites are on their way out,' she decided to share her favorite shades on Instagram. These hues bring aesthetic appeal and enveloping atmosphere to interior spaces, she adds.

'Warmer neutrals add a timeless heritage feel to a home – the walls almost feel as though they've been softly colored over time by sunlight and life's patina. Warmer whites and creams are also flattering, reflecting a warm glow across skin tones and surfaces. There's a reason golden hour is so beloved by photographers, and warmer walls help capture that essence at all hours of the day,' says Tiffany Leigh.

The first shade on Tiffany Leigh's list is Drop Cloth, a 'gentle mid-gray beige' by Farrow & Ball. She shares that her team used Drop Cloth to paint intricate millwork in their Project Evergreen office design, lending a warm, enveloping touch to a sophisticated space – 'it creates a bit of moodiness without being too dark,' she says.

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Tiffany Leigh

Tiffany Leigh founded Tiffany Leigh Design Inc. in 2019. With an eye for timeless, considered style, she brings thoughtfully curated designs to her clients' homes and cottages. Tiffany Leigh prides herself in having a hand in every project coming into the TLD Studio.

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If you're on the hunt for a classic warm white hue, Tiffany Leigh recommends Creamy White by Benjamin Moore. With a 'nice creamy yellow undertone without being too stark,' it's no surprise that it made her personal list of best warm white paints.

The next shade to make Tiffany Leigh's list is String, 'an earthy yellow-based neutral' from Farrow & Ball. Sharing that she's decided to paint her firm's 'whole studio space' with String, she says this one 'brings some nice warmth to the walls.' For a slightly darker take on String, she suggests Cord by Farrow & Ball: 'It's really beautiful, and I would love to see this in a light-filled hallway.'

Although each warm, yellow-toned neutral deserves its own attentive pairing process, Tiffany Leigh tells H&G that she loves pairing 'warmer neutrals' with earthy colors like olive greens, mushroom browns and smokey blues. Evoking the colors of the great outdoors draws upon these shades' organic appeal, creating a cohesive overall aesthetic.

'A living room with creamy walls and a dark olive trim would look quite smart,' she says.

If you're feeling good about warm, yellow-toned neutrals this season, you're certainly not alone – and now you're equipped with expert shade recommendations. But if you're not quite ready to make the switch, Tiffany Leigh says bright white colors are bound to be back, sooner rather than later.

'Remember that everything in design is cyclical. I had warm white walls ten years ago, and now am craving that again. Don't feel like you need to repaint if you're still loving your bright white walls!' she tells H&G.

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