Is this the most timeless kitchen color combination? 5 white and blue kitchens that prove this pairing is a classic

White and blue kitchens transcend trends – these spaces showcase just how classic this color combination is

Is this the most timeless kitchen color combination? 5 white and blue kitchens that prove this pairing is a classic
(Image credit: Naked Kitchens/Lacey Sombar Curtis & Lauren Robbins Interiors/GreyHunt Interiors)

White and blue kitchen schemes have endured, proving they're a truly timeless color combination. With so many shade variations and ways to combine them, it's no surprise designers continue to embrace these hues.

If you've been considering kitchen color ideas for a refresh or redesign, white and blue is a pairing worth considering for a scheme that endures trends. From mood hues to light, coastal spaces, there are plenty of hues to create the style of space you desire.

There are so many ways to introduce this timeless color pairing to your space – these white and blue kitchens prove this color scheme is an enduring classic.

5 white and blue kitchens that prove this pairing is a classic

While there are many ways to curate a timeless kitchen scheme, few are more classic than white and blue. Adding a subtle hint of color while remaining calming and tranquil, white and blue work in a variety of spaces, whether you're a minimalist or prefer riotous color.

1. A white and blue kitchen with a contrasting island

White and blue kitchen with white wall cabinets and a deep blue kitchen island

(Image credit: Naked Kitchens)

There are many ways to combine white and blue in a kitchen, but a striking choice is to contrast the cabinetry with the kitchen island. With the right shade, blue can act as another neutral, which contributes to the timelessness of this color combination.

'Contrasting blue and white for kitchen cabinetry has always been a very popular combination. Dramatic deep blues and stark whites can be combined using lighter whites for the wall cabinets and a deep blue to anchor the island and open up the room,' says Elizabeth Sherwin, creative director of Naked Kitchens.

'I recommend zoning the kitchen using blue and white distinctively for the different areas such as a bank of tall cabinetry or an island. A pop of clashing color can be used to really add to the drama, as showcased in our Chepstow Villas kitchen. Combining blue and white will always look good and will never date,' she adds.

2. A half white, half blue kitchen scheme

White and blue kitchen with contrasting cabinets

(Image credit: GreyHunt Interiors)

You can create more daring schemes with white and blue hues in a larger kitchen thanks to the balance the space provides. Rather than keeping the blue tones to lower cabinetry, why not taking it from floor to ceiling?

'Blue and white are a timeless color combination because they play off each other so well. You get that high contrast, yet blue is calming and generally relaxes people,' says Sallie Lord of GreyHunt Interiors.

'You can introduce it in multiple ways, such as the hood, island, wall cabinets, and lighting,' she adds. This kitchen is a wonderful example, where a full wall of cabinets, the kitchen island, and the range hood have all been painted in a mid-blue hue, while the white used on the opposite wall and the countertops creates a harmonious balance.

3. A kitchen with blue cabinetry and white marble countertops

ways with Down Pipe, kitchen painted in Farrow & Balls Down Pipe, marble countertops, open shelving

(Image credit: Laura Hammett)

Contrasting cabinetry is not the only way to create a white and blue kitchen. Why not introduce blue lower cabinets with a white stone countertop for a simpler approach? This adds timeless appeal without filling the room with too much color, perfect for small kitchen ideas.

For a classic scheme, opt for marble countertops, like in this kitchen, paired with dark blue cabinetry and gold or brass hardware. This kitchen has taken it one step further with matching marble floating shelves and a marble basin.

The result is a bright and airy kitchen that's sure to endure. And if there are any trends owners to enjoy, they can add and remove decor without changing the whole kitchen design.

4. A retro white and blue kitchen

kitchen renovation rules, teal blue and white kitchen with metallic brass fixtures and fittings, open plan shelving, stone tiled floor, large cooker hood

(Image credit: Creative Tonic Design / Julie Soefer)

The versatility of white and blue kitchen designs is part of its timeless appeal. While this color pairing is mostly associated with classic, elegant spaces, with the right shades and decor, a retro white and blue kitchen can be created.

Retro style is enjoying a revival, but this white and blue kitchen proves it works perfectly in a classic space. Gold accents add a decadence to the space, while the round lighting introduces a quirky flair.

Although this space might not feel instantly timeless, the components that add retro style can be easily removed or changed, whereas the bones of the kitchen are entirely classic in color and design.

5. A white kitchen with subtle hints of blue

A white kitchen with blue bar stools

(Image credit: Lacey Sombar Curtis / Lauren Robbins Interiors)

Anyone who prefers a minimalist kitchen scheme might not like the idea of large amounts of blue in the space, so adding smaller, more subtle hints of blue to a white kitchen is a welcome compromise.

'There are of course smaller options, such as adding blue chairs to your kitchen dining set, or even blue handles to your cabinets,' says Natalie Rebuck, principal designer at Re: Design Architects.

Even if a more saturated kitchen isn't your style, blue is a great hue to introduce alongside white. 'Blue and white are two of my favorite color combos when designing a kitchen space. The blue – no matter which shade you opt for – offers a nice pop of color, but offers enough neutrality that you won't feel outdated anytime soon,' she adds.

Whether you color-drench a kitchen in white and blue hues or add subtle blue hints through hardware or upholstery, there are plenty of ways to create a timeless white and blue kitchen. However you choose to introduce this color pairing, it's a classic combination that's sure to endure, and these spaces prove white and blue kitchens are truly timeless.

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