5 timeless color combinations for an interior scheme that's always in style, according to designers

These five classic color combinations transcend the latest trends

(Image credit: Berkeley Place, BZ Interiors/photography Kiely Ramos, Cathy Nordström/Fanny Radvik)

A timeless color scheme is something most of us aim for in our homes. While a room's colors can be changed over the years, most of us want to retain a level of timelessness to ensure longevity and avoid feeling overly trend-led.

Beyond the most timeless colors, it's worth considering the most timeless color combinations, too. With the wrong accent color, colors can quickly go from feeling timeless to outdated, so it's important to get your color pairings right.

But what are the most timeless color combinations for rooms? We spoke to interior designers to get their views on the topic. From coastal-inspired blue and white to layered neutrals, the experts agree that certain color pairings have an enduring quality to them which makes them the most timeless.

5 timeless color combinations

'Timeless color combinations are those that consistently appeal to a wide audience and remain stylish regardless of changing trends,' explains interior designer Cinzia Moretti, creative director at Moretti Interior Design.

Read on if you're looking to upgrade your room color ideas with the most timeless of all hues, whatever your interior design style.

1. Blue and white

white traditional bathroom with blue flowers on vanity

(Image credit: Kindred Interior Studios, photography Michael Belvins )

Closely linked to coastal decor ideas, decorating with blue and white is one of the most timeless color combinations. Reminiscent of the sea, blue and white teamed together makes for an instantly calming scheme, making it an especially good choice for bedrooms or bathrooms.

'Often associated with a fresh, clean aesthetic, blue and white can range from classic royal blue to softer, more muted shades,' says Cinzia.

In this bathroom designed by Kindred Interior Studios, white acts as the room's dominant color while blue is used as an accent color. 'This bathroom is a great example of a timeless color combination with layered whites and accents of blue,' explain studio founders Emma Legg and Sydney Foley.

'White and blue is a classic duo that will never go out of style as it is deeply rooted throughout history and feels like a breath of fresh air. This palette creates a very serene and tranquil environment that is unrivaled and will last for years to come.'

2. Green and blue

sage green bedroom with artwork on wall and blue accent cushions on bed

(Image credit: Samantha Stathis Lynch, photography Trevor Parker Photography)

In years gone, combining blue and green was seen by some as a color combination to avoid, but experts counter that and say it's actually one of the most timeless pairings. Two of the most calming hues, these colors go hand in hand and are excellent choices to create a natural, soothing interior scheme.

The trick, however, is to choose the right shade of each of these colors. Avoid overly saturated tones and reach for rich, deep shades for a grown-up look that withstands the test of time.

'Perhaps because it evokes a sense of the natural world, blue and green is always a timeless combination,' says designer Samantha Stathis-Lynch of Samantha Ware Designs. 'There is something incredibly striking about a rich navy alongside a kelly green, and something unequivocally calming about a soft sage next to a sky blue.'

3. Warm neutrals and white

traditional bathroom with wooden vanity and beige walls and freestanding white bath

(Image credit: Berkeley Place)

It's no surprise that decorating with neutrals is widely seen as one of the most timeless color palettes, and when it comes to color pairings, warm neutrals teamed with white make for a failsafe choice, as pictured in this neutral bathroom by Berkeley Place.

Discussing the specific combination of beige and white, Cinzia explains: 'This pairing is warm and inviting, often found in cozy, timeless home interiors. It creates a soft, neutral palette that feels organic and comforting.'

'The most timeless colors are those with natural hues that never go out of style,' agrees Alice Chiu, Principal Designer at Miss Alice Designs. 'I like to incorporate two to three neutral colors in a space to keep it simple and fresh. Shades of white, from warm to cool, stand the test of time – they're crisp and soothing, pairing well with any color.'

4. Black and white

modern white bedroom with gray curtains and black accents

(Image credit: BZ Interiors, photography Kiely Ramos)

'Black and white is of course a timeless combination,' says interior designer Brandon Lange, Creative Director at BZ Interiors, who demonstrates this classic color pairing in this modern bedroom.

'The ultimate in contrast, this combination is sophisticated, versatile, and elegant,' adds Cinzia.

A black-and-white color scheme is an especially fitting choice if you want to ensure longevity in terms of outliving the latest color trends, whilst maintaining a modern style. Even the most popular color trends can quickly feel dated, whereas black and white teamed together generally won't. As shown in this bedroom, this combination works best with minimalist decor and modern fittings and furnishings to enhance the streamlined look.

5. Brown and blue

traditional dining room with blue and white panelled walls and wooden furniture

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström, Fanny Radvik)

Lastly, experts also point to brown and blue as a timeless color combination. Both of these hues have been topping the color trends of late, but there's a timeless quality to them both, especially when used together.

'This combination brings a sense of calm and stability, with the tan providing warmth and the blue adding a cool, refreshing contrast,' explains Cinzia.

Variations of brown and blue work particularly well in homes that follow traditional decorating ideas, as shown in this dining room, with blue walls and brown tones evident through the wooden furniture.

If you do opt for a similar approach to this color combination, choose a blue paint with a slight warmth to it, such as Farrow & Ball's Stone Blue, which will best complement the warm brown tones of the wooden furniture.

Timeless color combinations will create a classic feeling throughout your home, without the risk of quickly dating. Whether your style leans modern or traditional, these timeless color combinations can be translated to many homes and interior tastes.

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