5 farmhouse kitchen table decor ideas that will add rustic charm to any style of space

From natural, rustic schemes to more elevated designs, these ideas are sure to inspire

(Image credit: Kathy Kuo Home/Vernich Interiors/Tori Murphy)

When decorating a farmhouse kitchen, one of the must-have furniture pieces is a rustic farmhouse kitchen table. Often on the larger size and made from natural wood, they are perfect for hosting and socializing. As such, you'll want to ensure the decor you choose does not just the table itself justice, but the whole kitchen.

The effect of a well-dressed farmhouse kitchen table is not something to ignore. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or simply want to create beautiful table settings to add to the aesthetic of the room, the decorative items you choose are certainly a mood-setter. Decorating a farmhouse kitchen table can take different routes, but there are some tablescape designs that suit this style more than others.

From organic linens and stacked stoneware to pops of bright color and bountiful blooms, these table decor ideas will ensure your table is always dressed to impress.

5 farmhouse kitchen table decor ideas to suit any style

Curating a table that balances aesthetic and practicality isn't always easy, so we asked interior designers for their favorite farmhouse kitchen table decor ideas to set you on the right path.

1. Create an elevated rustic design

Farmhouse kitchen table with stoneware plates and neutral table linene with a floral display as a centrepiece

(Image credit: Kathy Kuo Home)

Farmhouse kitchens naturally lean into the more rustic aesthetic, so opting for light table linens and traditional tableware to contrast against the table's wood tone always results in a pretty display, and creates a more elevated finish.

'I love to start a farmhouse table top with a beautiful linen tablecloth and build from there with a rustic-chic vase full of seasonal florals as a centerpiece, and place settings that are equal parts rustic and upscale. Stoneware dishes with classic napkins and serveware are sure to look great!" says Kathy Kuo, CEO of Kathy Kuo Home.

kathy kuo home
Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry. 

2. Layer a selection of table linens

White dining room with paneled walls, large dining table with flowers, wooden dining chairs, tabelware

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Traditional fabrics are ideal for creating an authentic farmhouse table setting – striped and chequer-board designs epitomize the farmhouse style that designers love. 'Pin ticking stripes are always the perfect fabric for a farmhouse table. The small pin stripe gives an airy, vintage look that we love to use on furniture and drapes,' says Connie Vernich, of Vernich Interiors.   

'Layering of fabrics and materials is so important and makes the table come together nicely. We love to find different sizes of containers to scatter around the table. Delphiniums in the summer are a favorite in our home, the periwinkle blue color set off by the blue and white stripes gets us every time!'

3. Decorate with the items you actually use

Kitchen table with an embroidered tablecloth and a dresser in the background displaying china dishes and jugs.

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The style of a farmhouse kitchen table means you can get away with really natural decorations. 'When I think of genuine farmhouse table decor I think rugged, well used, weathered and rustic, a coffee mug that you would take outside to the farm in the morning, or sit on the porch,' says Michelle Yorke, of Michelle Yorke Interior Design.

'Table decor should be both stylish and every day functional.  A wire basket with handles to hold biscuits or grabbed off the table and taken outside to fill with fresh eggs or apples off the tree. A herb garden in the center of the table for home-cooked meals, and table linens that aren't too fussy, easily washed and put right back on the table.'

4. Bring the outside in

Farhouse kitchen table decorated with light linens and foraged flowers

(Image credit: Tori Murphy)

Farmhouse interiors naturally blend with the outside environment, so bringing the essence of the garden or surrounding countryside adds another rustic touch to the table decor. 'Always try and bring a little of the outside in,' says designer Tori Murphy

'It can be so simple, a fresh sprig of rosemary tied around a napkin or a cut garden flower in a jam jar. It breathes life into a table setting and always adds a beautiful sense of occasion. It seems there is a real movement towards taking pleasure not only in the food we eat but also in how we prepare the table.'

5. Make use of vintage pieces

Farmhouse table set in the garden decorated with linen napkins, rattan placemates and brightly colored florals

(Image credit: Vernich Interiors)

When you think of a farmhouse table, you probably imagine it sitting in the kitchen, but in the warmer months, there's something so lovely about moving it outside to be surrounded by nature. 'In the summer we take to the outdoors and we love to set a table with anything organic and natural,' says Connie Vernich.  

'The rattan placemats, aged vintage linen napkins, and vintage glass bottles filled with unstructured plants and flowers are all go-tos. We love to pull flowers from the field or garden that don't look fussy – think Daisies, Berries, and Queen Anne's Lace.'

'If you do choose to create a garden-inspired centerpiece, make sure it doesn't disrupt the ability to socialize around the table. 'There is nothing worse than trying to talk around a flower arrangement. We love using branches and berries on tables because the effect is soft and pretty without being overpowering and crowded.'

There are plenty of beautiful and practical ways to decorate your farmhouse kitchen table to suit your style. With a few thoughtful decorative items, you can create a table that feels rustic and in-tune with nature, or with a few alternatives, a setting that pays homage to the farmhouse aesthetic with a more refined finish.

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