Stove backsplash ideas – 10 materials, looks and design tricks

Take a look at stove splashback ideas to bring color, pattern, or textural detail to a room

with dining table and chairs, island and stove backsplash
(Image credit: Maestri Studio Photograph: Nathan Shroder)

Stove backsplash ideas with style turn a functional feature into a chic one. Whether attention-grabbing because of its material, color, pattern, or texture, or a more understated design, a backsplash can be a beautiful part of the kitchen.

Of course, it’s a hardworking feature, too, protecting walls from splatters, splashes, and grease as you cook, so it’s imperative that a backsplash is easy to clean to make keeping the room pristine an easy task.

Considering the stove backsplash should always be part of your kitchen ideas in order to select a harmonious palette of colors and materials for the room, and we’ve gathered suggestions to inspire you here.

Stove backsplash ideas

The kitchen is a busy space, so stove backsplash ideas must be quick and easy to maintain, resist staining, and keep their good looks after being exposed to splatters, grease, and steam. Be inspired by these examples and draw on the expertise of designers in selecting your kitchen backsplash ideas.

1. Create natural shine

Kitchen with dark cabinets and shell style backsplash behind range

(Image credit: K Kong Design Photograph: Mali Azima)

A backsplash can be a striking feature even in subtle neutral color tones and with gentle shine.

‘These kitchen wall tile ideas are wonderfully unexpected,’ explains Kristin Kong of K Kong Design. ‘They look like capiz shells but are back-painted glass. While it would never be practical to use real shells behind a range, these tiles provide the same look with all of the functionality and durability needed in a busy kitchen.’

2. Turn up the volume on color

Green kitchen with island, lime green tile splashback, barstools and glass pendants

(Image credit: Future/ Brent Darby)

The limited area of a stove backsplash makes it the spot to choose for a bolder version of kitchen color ideas you’ve used elsewhere in the room. Here, it’s a beautiful lime that draws the eye against a backdrop of cabinets painted in a nature-inspired take on green.

Select a tile with variations of tone like this one and the backsplash will be an even more arresting feature. This tile includes yellower tones alongside the lime hues. 

3. Opt for industrial style

Metal backsplash ideas with tiles

(Image credit: La Cornue)

Consider taking your cue from the detail of your appliance as part of your stove backsplash ideas. The metal trim of this iconic design is complemented by a metallic-effect backsplash that repeats its tones.

These tiles aren't actually metal backsplash ideas – in fact, they are porcelain tiles, which is a highly durable option. They’re stain and moisture resistant, and easy to clean.

4. Scale down for standout

White kitchen cabinets with stove top and backsplash in three colors, hood, and white tiled wall

(Image credit: JL Design Photograph: Leslee Mitchell)

Even in a room with an extensive tile backsplash, think about choosing a different design for the area behind the stove to distinguish this zone of the kitchen. In this kitchen the wall white kitchen backsplash idea is contrasted with the smaller scale backsplash above the stove, which features a range of neutral tones that complement the statement hood.

The change from the horizontal lines of the white tile wall to the verticals of the stove backsplash make it distinct, too.

5. Make maintenance simple

Kitchen with island and bar stools and pendant lights above and large backsplash

(Image credit: Mark Williams Design Photograph: Sarah Dorio)

In selecting stove backsplash ideas, it’s worth considering how much time will need to be spent on maintaining the appearance of the kitchen. 

‘We like to use solid surface materials as a backsplash behind a stove because grout lines in a tile backsplash can sometimes be hard to keep clean,’ say Mark Williams and Niki Papadopoulos of Mark Williams Design

‘In this kitchen, we used the same natural stone for the stove backsplash that we used for the countertops. Because the stove backsplash is so large and prominent in how we see our kitchens, using a beautiful material can add immediate luxury and sophistication.’

6. Give it a modern edge with stainless steel

Kitchen backsplash ideas

(Image credit: Richard Gadsby)

Whatever the style of your kitchen, stainless steel is worth listing as part of your stove backsplash ideas. It’ll suit a chef’s style kitchen with an industrial aesthetic, but it could equally bring a modern edge to a room with traditional style, and its soft color can blend beautifully into a room with white cabinets and a wood floor. 

It’s also a practical choice as a stove backsplash as it’s hygienic, simple to maintain, and hard wearing.

7. Opt for luxury

Kitchen with white cabinets and marble backsplash

(Image credit: Kara Adam Interiors Photograph: Michael Hunter)

Marble’s a desirable kitchen material and using it as a stove backsplash can create a look of luxury in the kitchen.

‘In my old home, I wanted a white marble kitchen,’ says Kara Adam of Kara Adam Interiors. ‘I chose white marble slabs for my island and backsplash, and a Caesarstone for the peninsula (there isn’t a marble slab big enough for that peninsula). By using white marble on the backsplash, you can give the illusion of an all marble kitchen, even if other white materials are used.’

8. Add an accent color

Stove with blue tile backsplash

(Image credit: Morse Design Photograph: Tara Carter)

Looking for stove splashback ideas that will prove a sound choice for any kitchen? ‘Keeping your backsplash simple will make the kitchen look and feel cohesive, regardless of size,’ says Andi Morse, founder and principal designer of Morse Design. ‘A simple subway tile always works, but I recommend changing up the color to instantly elevate and impact your space.’

9. Play with pattern

Kitchen with island and barstools with wood detail, white cabinets, stove and patterned backsplash

(Image credit: Living with Lolo Photograph: Life Created)

In a kitchen with white cabinets and light-toned wood, stove backsplash ideas that add to the room’s subtle detail are required. The solution in this room is a design with elegant geometric pattern that catches the eye and adds interest without becoming overpowering.

Follow this room’s lead by extending the backsplash from the stove area to the entire run of cabinets to allow a motif like this to make an impact.

10. Showcase organic pattern

Stove with veined stone backsplash and niche with cookbooks

(Image credit: Maestri Studio Photograph: Jenifer McNeil Baker)

The veining of natural stone – and stone lookalikes such as quartz – are fabulous for countertops, but make even more of an impression when they’re used vertically as a stove backsplash.

If using natural stone, make sure that it is correctly sealed to avoid the possibility of staining which will compromise the look of the material.

Do I need a backsplash behind the stove?

A backsplash behind the stove is necessary to prevent the wall becoming marked, stained, or discolored by splatters and grease. It will also protect it from moisture. A backsplash also ensures that when a cooktop is set into a counter there’s no gap between the wall and cabinets below that could allow water to drip downwards.

If you have a freestanding range rather than a cooktop, there will be a small gap between the range and the backsplash. In this case, it’s worth installing a backsplash down the wall a little to avoid any visible wall surface.

What is a timeless stove backsplash?

A tile backsplash is a timeless choice for a kitchen. Subway tile is classic, but consider, too, square tile which has enduring style. As for tile options, both ceramic and porcelain are possibilities, but equally timeless are marble or slate mosaic; the former will create a more opulent effect, while slate might suit a more country style room.

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