Martha Stewart's rug is STILL reduced by $1,000 in the Amazon Prime Day sales – it's the best deal I've seen

In this year's Amazon Prime Day sales, you can pick up a luxury rug for $280, saving $1,000. I'm a shopping expert and I've never seen a saving like this one

One of the best Amazon Prime Day deals: a martha stewart x Safavieh Wool Rug
(Image credit: Safavieh)

Just when you thought you'd found the best Amazon Prime Day deal, Martha Stewart came along. A beautiful, handmade rug that would normally cost you $1,280 dropped to $280.49 yesterday, but to our surprise, it's still available. 

Martha Stewart launched World of Martha, her homeware collection, on Amazon five months ago. Her aim is to offer you beautiful, simple, and functional items from your home. We saw some pretty big reductions on Amazon for Prime Day, and we thought those deals would run out at midnight last night. However this incredible rug still has an unbelievable $1000 discount. 

Prime Day might be over, but after spending the last couple of days scouring Amazon for the best Prime Day deals, this one is definitely the best. 

Safavieh Wool Rug | was $1,280, now $280.49 at Amazon

Safavieh Wool Rug | was $1,280, now $280.49 at Amazon
Handmade from premium wool, this rug is my pick for the best Prime Day deal. It measures 8 x 10' and is made in collaboration with Safavieh. If your room needs some elegant elevation, you've just found it.

martha stewart safavieh rug with a sofa and chairs on it

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Martha Stewart partnered with Safavieh to bring a line of premium rugs to the market. They're all hand-woven, hand-looped, and utterly unique. Martha's a self-confessed rug collector and has been for a long time too. She says 'to me, they help define and harmonize a room's decorating scheme, much like a carefully chosen piece of art. A rug's color, texture, and scale can guide the choice of other elements in a room, providing the foundation for a truly personal style statement'. 

The beauty of this rug is in the tone. The neutral hues are sure to pair with any décor, whether you like muted tones or brighter colors. The color scheme is subtle, but the geometric pattern offers an elegant, elevated look for any room. It's as practical as it is pretty. Martha made sure that this was backed with canvas, so that it'll be durable too.

Martha stewart geometric rug

(Image credit: Amazon)

Martha's team offered some style tips for a rug of this size. They suggest that you 'ensure placement allows a minimum of 18" of bare floor from the edge of the rug to any wall'. That way, you'll ensure that your space looks luxurious and lounge-worthy. If you have a couch, they recommend overlapping the front feet with the rug's outer edges so that your room looks spacious and your couch stays stable.

If you like this look, but don't think it's quite your décor, fear not. Martha has an entire collection of rugs in this year's Prime Day sale, so take a look at some alternative designs. I'm certain that there will be one for everyone.


When does Amazon Prime Day end?

At 11.59pm PCT on July 12, most Amazon Prime day discounts will disappear. Amazon will still have some savings on other products, but most of the best, unmissable deals won't be available. That means that  the sale technically won't end until 02:59am for the East Coast, but a lot of stock will have gone by then. 

Can I shop Prime Day deals without a Prime account?

No. You can see all the deals, but you need an Amazon Prime account in order to get the full benefit.

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