Wonderful ways to boost your wellbeing at home, with advice from an interior designer

Because your home should be your sanctuary.

As we spend more time at home for the foreseeable future, it’s important for every space in our home to aid our wellbeing and happiness. You can achieve that with simple décor changes.

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Here, Louise Bradley shares her favourite 'wellbeing at home' tips for every space.

A self-taught designer, Louise has been able to shape her practice into the unrivalled luxury brand it is today thanks to her intrinsic love of beauty and a natural flair for design.


Whether it’s a dedicated space at home or a corner of your kitchen area, decorate your dining space to feel special, and especially in the morning to set a positive start to the day. Whether you live on your own or with your family, the morning is the perfect time to connect with yourself and each other and set intentions for the day. I recommend decorating your breakfast bar/dining table with seasonal plants or fresh flowers, to bring nature indoors. You can also add interest with coloured glassware and your favourite tableware, making every morning special.

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There’s something special about adding handmade objects and accessories to your space, knowing who made them, understanding their commitment to the craftsmanship and the skills they’ve honed through the years. At the Louise Bradley Design Studio we love working with British and European craftsmen and women on our furniture pieces and I love in particular sourcing decorative objects and ceramics from creatives.

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You can quickly change the look and ambience of the space by decorating with your favourite art pieces, whether they’ve been waiting to be framed, or in these difficult times you’ve decided to support local artists with a new purchase. Neutral or grey living room ideas make the perfect backdrop for a gallery wall or a tastefully positioned work of art.

And if you are feeling creative, you can also decorate with your own creations – whether these are paintings, sketches or beautifully pressed flowers from your garden. 

There have been some wonderful initiatives to help raise money for the NHS during the past few months, including @Drawforofficial, where young artists have created pieces to sell as prints with all proceeds being donated.

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Create a grey schemeGrey living room ideas –for gorgeous neutral schemes


Bedroom design is so important for our wellbeing, when it comes to both comfort and ambience In the space. If you have been finding the recent weeks quite challenging, put away any soft furnishings in darker hues or large patterns, and replace these with a lighter, muted colour palette and delicate prints and textures. Opt for bedding and throws that are made of natural materials. I also recommend adding artworks and objects which put a smile on your face – whether it’s because of the memories they hold or the beautiful aesthetics.

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With so much time spent at home, it’s easy to feel disconnected from nature. That’s why it’s a great idea to add plants and fresh flowers across your home, to maintain that connection to the natural world and add beauty to your interiors.

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See inside Louise's homeAn urban retreat in London, owned and designed by Louise Bradley


It’s easier than you think to turn your bathroom into a home spa. I recommend always having a side table in your bathroom, which you can move around to always have on hand. Stock it up with your favourite beauty and relaxation products – whether it’s a candle and an essential oil or a good book – make it all about you. And whether you manage to steal 10 minutes for yourself or an hour, It's well deserved at the end of a long day!

Louise Bradley,

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