5 creative ways to reinvent your home without the need to renovate

It is easier than you think.

Home should express the personality of the owner, and as we evolve, so should our living space. Here are 5 ways to give new life to the home without the need to renovate, for both those wanting simple quick fixes to the long-term thinkers.


Before adding to your interior space, define your concept and what you would like to achieve from your newly revamped home. Think about how you want home to feel and look like. Do you want classic, contemporary, eclectic, home or more minimalist? Once you have determined your aesthetic you are going for, use mood boards or digital mockups as a way to work out what you need to add or remove in order to achieve this. Perhaps you need to add new textures and materials, such as wood and velvet so the room feels more classic and cool. Or, maybe the furnishing already complements your goal, so it's a case of replacing items such as artworks, vases and rugs.

Brands like McKay Williamson, a creative agency that creates bespoke artworks tailored to the individual, offers an integrated art advisory services to help you think about your space in a way that reflects you, then develops ideas around that. They source and purpose ideas as digital mockups, from paintings and lithographs to sculptures and gallery walls, all integrated into your home. An approach like this, whether done professionally or by yourself allows you to see and feel how the artworks change the room before you move forward with them.

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Opt for new colours, textures or patterns that complement your existing space and make subtle changes by switching items such as prints, cushions and plants. You’ll be surprised how quick, easy and affordable this approach can be. For the long-term thinker, investing in artworks that have bold, harmonising colours and textures can really lift and shape an interior space, without any other changes being made.

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The gallery wall is a timeless addition to the home that works for everyone, regardless of budget, space or aesthetic. You can create direction with their positioning and spacing, drawing attention to specific furnishings or areas of the room. It’s also another great way to add personal touches without compromising on the aesthetic of the space. For anyone looking for easy fixes, this approach is a fun, simple project that can spark your creativity without blowing the budget.

If you already have gallery walls in place but aren’t quite sure about it anymore, consider a new cohesive colour scheme by switching up your artwork and imagery. For example, if you’re looking for something minimalist, perhaps solely black and white images with matching frames, or if you’re more interested in an eclectic feel add in a variety of frames and bold colours for the images that work well together.

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The home is so much more than just its appearance. Whilst decor, artwork and furnishings can change the mood of the room, introducing elements that bring activity and play into the space can completely change the experience for you. If you're a book lover, consider adding a hammock or reading chair to somewhere in your home as a place to retreat and switch off. If you have a playroom, add blackboard paint to a wall or part of the wall with a chalk box, to invite your child to make their very own art.


These new additions to the home would mean nothing if they can’t be seen! If your space feels grey and dull, often a change in lighting is all you need to redefine the space. Rooms with less natural lighting tend to feel cold and unwelcoming, adding warm floor or wall lamps can create a cosy and romantic atmosphere. You can also use directional lighting to draw the eye to specific areas of the room, such as your dining table or the new artwork you’ve invested in.

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