'I can’t wait for everybody to see what’s next' – Hailey Bieber takes us inside her standout kitchen

What's in the center of Hailey Bieber's home? We begin with a utensil that's loved by chefs, actors and supermodels alike

Hailey Bieber
(Image credit: Courtesy of Tori Time and OBB Pictures)

We may have had a chance to look inside Hailey Bieber's bathroom, thanks to her aptly named Who's In My Bathroom series – but now, it's time to see the centerpiece of the model's home. 

Enter: What's In My Kitchen? – the spinoff to Hailey's Youtube show, which saw the likes of Gwyneth Paltrow, Marsai Martin, and Lil Dicky venture into her bathroom for unfiltered conversations across its multi-season run. When it comes to the kitchen, however, the question is not who – but what – and first up, we have her non-stick frying pan – that chef Gordon Ramsey says 'cooks to utter perfection.' 

The utensil in question is the HexClad – a distinctly patterned pan that the celebrity chef has used in his restaurant since he discovered them in the US in 2020. Since then, Kylie Jenner, Halle Berry, and of course, Hailey Bieber have experimented with HexClad to create some of their favorite dishes – many of which will appear in the series in the coming weeks. 

HexClad 8 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan | $139.99 on Amazon

HexClad 8 Inch Hybrid Stainless Steel Frying Pan | $139.99 on Amazon

HexClad's hybrid technology produces a premium stainless steel and non-stick product that is a favorite among celebrities. And it's easy to see why.

The pan is distinctive (with its laser-etched hexagon pattern) and high-performing due to the series of peaks and valleys it creates. The non-stick surface means you can cook with less butter, grease, or oil (if you're looking for a healthier alternative to your favorite recipes). It also makes cleaning up quick and easy.

'What's In My Kitchen?' was a natural spinoff to Who's In My Bathroom? because our audience was ready for us to stop eating in the bathroom!' Hailey says.

'I've loved cooking and sharing meals with friends on my social channels for years, and I can't wait to bring this experience to the fans of our network with OBB and HexClad. Creating new formats and IP for my channel has been really empowering, as my team and I get to truly create everything from concept to screen, and I can't wait for everybody to see what's next.'

Hailey Bieber

(Image credit: Courtesy of Tori Time and OBB Pictures)

Following two pilot episodes, the series launched on April 12th on Hailey Bieber's YouTube channel

'Yes, we actually are in my real kitchen, in my real house; this is not a set,' Hailey Bieber clarified in the pilot episode. And this was no joke – the show invites fans into her real-life home kitchen – teaching them how to cook her favorite dishes, including pizza toast, chicken wings, and an at-home version of her famous Erewhon smoothie. Many of these dishes require the HexClad, but the series will also look at the other utensils and appliances in the supermodel's kitchen. 

'We've engineered HexClad's superior cookware and tools to make any home chef feel empowered in the kitchen,' adds HexClad co-founder and CEO Daniel Winer.

'Knowing Hailey was a genuine fan of our brand and was developing this new show gave us the ideal opportunity to demonstrate our unique technology and market innovation in an authentic way.'

We're cooking up some pizza toast at the next available opportunity.

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