5 simple ways to create a cottagecore garden – embrace a wholesome country scheme

The cottagecore trend, which began on social media sites like Tumblr and TikTok, combines lifestyle with fashion, and idealises rural self-sufficiency

Cottagecore garden trend
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The stay at home advice of recent months has seen many of us turn to gardening, as we all embrace new ways of enjoying our own space. 

Spilling into our garden designs is a resurgence of the cottagecore trend, with its aspirations of an idyllic country lifestyle and harmony with nature.

Key elements such as wild flowers, cozy corners and a kitchen garden area, will all evoke that cottage-like simplicity in your own design. 

If you are unsure where to start, take a look at Bradstone’s top tips on how to get your own cottagecore fairy-tale garden.

1. Plant pretty florals  

Cottagecore garden trend

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Think climbing roses, cherry blossoms, soaring hollyhocks and trellises draped in wisteria, to provide a colorful vintage backdrop. 

Not only will the heady scents and vibrant hues create a warm, cottage style welcome, pressing the flowers and framing them afterwards is the perfect cottagecore pastime.

2. Choose natural stone paving 

Cottagecore garden trend

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Winding pathways and secluded patio areas with weathered characteristics give a traditional, rural feel. 

Ethically sourced limestone, granite and sandstone is the perfect choice, featuring unique textures and rustic profiles for an authentic lived in feel. The hard wearing natural stone is available in a wide variety of shades and often includes beautiful natural veining so no two pavers are the same.

3. Repurpose old furniture 

Cottagecore garden trend

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Get resourceful and transform something unloved into a statement piece for your garden. Whether it’s recovering old seat cushions in patterned fabric or breathing new life into old dining chairs with a lick of outdoor paint,  embracing environmentally-friendly living, perfectly signifies the cottagecore lifestyle.

4. Grow a herb garden 

Cottagecore garden trend

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Planted directly into the garden or filling a decorative display of second hand pots and jars, fresh herbs grow quickly and provide an abundance for the homestead. 

Choose fresh lemon verbena or lavender to flavor a home grown cup of tea, or pick varieties like rosemary and mint to complement wholesome cooking.

5. Include a summer house 

Cottagecore garden trend

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For reading, relaxing or getting creative with those new found hobbies, a summer house or garden room can provide the perfect escape – even in the winter – if heated well.

Decorate with cozy seating in floral patterned textiles, vintage trinkets and soft warm lighting, for a totally insta-worthy hideaway.

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