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Interior designer Kit Kemp shares her simple tip to revamp a lampshade

If you've been reluctant to try DIY, this tip to revamp a lampshade from Kit Kemp will change all that - it is so easy and very effective

Kit Kemp how to revamp a lampshade
(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

Until now, we hadn't pictured world-renowned interior designer Kit Kemp attempting DIY, but her tip to revamp a lampshade has changed that – and our approach to finding new living room lighting ideas

As part of her ‘creativity in isolation,’ series, Kit and her team have worked on a series of DIY projects. They are all designed to help add that signature Kit Kemp style to your home – without leaving your sofa. And this lampshade revamp tip, featured in Kit Kemp's latest Design Threads project, will help brighten your home in just a few well-spent minutes.

In the project, she shares how to create a textured dappled lampshade with just a hole punch! So, if you’ve been wondering how to revamp an old lampshade, this is the interior designer tip you need to know about. 

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Kit Kemp how to revamp a lampshade

(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

For the project, all you need is an old card lampshade – any color will work, but we are partial to a neutral shade. The key to the design is a single hole punch, but you will also need a pencil and maths compass to help plan your design.

To start, simply use a pencil to come up with a design and map it out on the card lampshade. To help visualise how it will look, draw small round dots. Next up is the fun part, using a single hole punch and a maths compass, carefully make holes in your shade following the pencil marks.

Kit Kemp how to revamp a lampshade

(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

You will need to take care during the second step to protect the shade from ripping. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure and put your spare hand on the inside of the shade to protect the card.

As a final flourish, Kit's team looped jute twine through the holes along the top and bottom edge. This will add texture and interest to your newly revamped lampshade.

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Kit Kemp how to revamp a lampshade

(Image credit: Kit Kemp)

To make it easier to loop the twine through the holes, try wrapping a piece of Sellotape around the edge of the string. All that is left is to pair it with your favorite lamp. 

'This last year has been a hive of creativity in the home. We have indulged in painting picture frames at home, making a shell mirror, potato block printing, patchwork lampshades, embroidery and collage,' says Kit.  

'Getting the family involved is even more fun and undiscovered talents have been revealed. Making objects with our hands is time-consuming but calming unless it all goes wrong. It is a learning process and involves lots of fun and laughter.'

Who would have thought a hole punch was the secret to a stylish statement lamp?

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