Revealed: The most wanted winter garden ideas

Take a look at the most in demand garden features, as we attempt to warm up for winter

Winter garden features
(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

Contrary to popular belief, winter is not the time when the garden closes down and we go into hibernation for a few months. 

The keen and green-fingered among us will know well that, far from being a quiet season, winter is the perfect time to not only get planning and organising, but also with the current pandemic, the garden has become a place of entertainment, and much enjoyment – and that shouldn’t halt just because the temperature has dropped – especially when your mental health is at stake.

Residents living in areas hit by the government's second-harshest lockdown level are banned from mixing indoors and can only meet with people from different households when outside in groups of six or less. As a result of this, the demand for outdoor heaters and fire pits has soared, as people prepare themselves for socialising in their gardens, under new Covid-19 restrictions.

1. Chiminea

Winter garden features

(Image credit: Future / David Brittain)

Take the chill off evenings in the garden with a chiminea or a fire pit. Each is easy to light and uses a range of fuels. The chiminea draws in more air so it will give a stronger heat than a fire basket.

2. Outdoor heating 

Winter garden features

(Image credit: Future / David Cleveland)

Outdoor heating can come in many guises. From fire pits and chimineas to electric heaters and blankets, there are plenty of accessible and affordable outdoor heating options for large and small gardens alike. 

3. Outdoor electric heating 

Winter garden ideas

(Image credit: Future / Polly Eltes)

The latest tech makes it easy to create a relaxed vibe. At the flick of a switch you can have lights, music and a fire to set the scene. ‘With the trend for making outdoor spaces an extension of the home showing no sign of slowing down, we expect to see even more demand for creative heating solutions this fall and winter,’ says Kettler MD Paul Bevington.

4. Fire pit 

Winter garden features

(Image credit: Future / Emma Lee)

Toast your marshmallows in style with the finest fire pits on the market. An eye-catching fire pit, basket or bowl will make a strong statement as well as keeping you and your family cozy and warm during the winter.

5. Outdoor pergola 

Winter garden ideas

(Image credit: Future / Mark Bolton)

If your garden lacks shelter, then adding a man-made structure like a pergola could be a good option for you. Providing shade in the summer, and shelter from the winter elements, the pergola is a year-round winner in our opinion. 

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