Want to create a hotel-like ambiance at home? Nate Berkus says we shouldn't –here's why

'I want our homes to feel better every day than the week we may spend on a vacation': and it begins with the basics

Nate Berkus
(Image credit: Courtesy of Nate Berkus and mDesign)

It's easy to fantasize over the feeling of a luxury hotel room – with a strange but comforting ambiance designed to serve as a shrine for sleep. Often associated with an escape from reality – it is perhaps only inevitable to want to replicate a hotel room's aura after returning home; however, designer Nate Berkus recommends the opposite. 

'I don’t think our homes should feel like hotels. Our homes should feel like a true representation of what brings us joy and how we all individually identify and relate to luxury as a concept,' he says in an interview with H&G

Nate, famed for The Nate Berkus Show and The Nate & Jeremiah Home Project, recently launched a collection at Bloomingdales – naturally a milestone for the New York-based designer. 

After recently launching some of the best bed sheets and pillows on the market, it's easy to see why designing a luxury bedroom is at the top of Nate's agenda. And that involves creating a space that is even better than what you experience while away from home. 

Nate Berkus

(Image credit: Courtesy of Nate Berkus and mDesign)

‘I’ve spent the greater part of my career as a designer focused on how things make us feel in our homes and how the choices in our homes tell a deeply personal story,’ Nate says.

'One of my greatest joys is when I created and crafted a home for someone – and they can’t wait to come back after staying in a wonderful hotel. I want our homes to feel better every day than the week we may spend on a vacation that we’ve saved up for. I want that feeling every day. I miss my bed when I travel; I can’t wait to return to my pillow.'

As Nate suggests, the best bedrooms are those that are personal – and that includes the look and feel of your bedding. This was the basis of Nate's Bloomingdale collection (created by mDesign) – designed to work in every home and stand the test of time.

Nate Berkus

(Image credit: Courtesy of Nate Berkus and mDesign)

'One thing that was a tentpole in designing the Signature Collection was that I wanted the palette to be really universal,' Nate explains.

'I wanted to feel like you could buy these pieces now and invest in changing the look and feel of your bedroom through these things – but it’s not trend driven. It’s based on designs that are rooted in the past, in classicism, and in history.' There are, of course, many pieces to be admired, but we've listed our three top picks below. 

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