Property experts reveal this Bridgerton-inspired trend could increase the value of your house

These Regency features will elevate your interiors – and sell your property for a 'premium price'

Recencycore interiors
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If you're looking for the secret to selling your property, you may find the answer in Bridgerton. Ever since the Netflix series launched in 2020, Regency-style interiors have come back in a big way. 

The show sparked the Regencycore movement – a regal-inspired interior design trend that continues to take over social media ahead of the second season. Regencycore includes ornate wallpapers, textiles, and manicured gardens that mimic the Bridgerton set. 

These decorating ideas can elevate every home; however, Regencycore's power doesn't end with its aesthetic. In fact, real estate experts have revealed that the trend is one of the best ways to add value to your home. Here, those experts discuss the features that will improve your chances of selling for a premium price. 

Does Regencycore improve your property's value? 

Recencycore interiors

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A recent study by The French Bedroom Company found that Regencycore increases your home's value by 86 percent. 

The study (that focused on the UK housing market) revealed that homes with Regency style interiors were valued at £231,641 ($313,541.15) more than the average home. However, this style is sought-after on both sides of the Atlantic. 

Regencycore features that could increase your house value 

Here, experts from Douglas Elliman and The Matthews Group share the Regency features that are selling homes worldwide.

1. Wallpaper  

Recencycore interiors

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'All of a sudden, people have started responding very positively to wallpaper,' says Michaela Keszler, Premier broker, at Douglas Elliman Southampton. The agent explains that – especially in the beach community – there used to be a craving for all white and beige. This has now changed. 'Now people want a more formal lifestyle,' she says. 

However, before you reinvent your wallpaper ideas, luxury home Realtor Susan Matthews of The Matthews Group recommends that you 'exercise with caution' before playing with maximalism. 

'Consult with an experienced local real estate advisor. Even though you're not listing, most will be happy for the opportunity to expand their network,' Susan says.

2. Antiques  

Recencycore interiors

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When it comes to Regency-style accessories, the experts are in agreement that antiques are the way to go. 'When styling interiors, people are using more colors and antique furniture,' Michaela says. 

Susan recommends introducing one single piece of antique decor to a room filled with contemporary furnishings for a curated Regencycore effect. 'Introduce one antique decor or furniture piece to rooms filled with newer items. The addition instantly injects luxe style gravitas,' she adds.  

3. Flower gardens  

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Even beyond your four walls, the Regencycore trend lives on. Michaela has noticed Regency-inspired gardens are also sought-after amongst buyers – even those in the seaside village of Southampton. 

'What I have noticed in the past year is that properties with beautiful gardens have come back,' the agent says. She explains that buyers are looking for gardens with more than 'the simplicity of boxwoods and grasses'. Instead, they are looking for huge flower gardens that are filled with curated blooms. 'People pay a premium price for a property with a designed garden,' Michaela adds. 

Bridgerton season two is only a month away, and we expect this trend to sell houses for many seasons to come. 

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