Reese Witherspoon's pale blue cabinets tap into one of 2023's chicest kitchen trends

The Legally Blonde actress revived this soothing color in style, and of course, we're inspired

Reese Witherspoon
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Reese Witherspoon is not shy of showcasing her design quirks on Instagram – but who can blame her, when her home is a masterclass in style? If we were pressed for a favorite room, however (and it's not an easy task), we'd confess that her kitchen comes out on top. 

While there is a lot to admire in this space, it is hard to rival Reese's kitchen color ideas – primarily exhibited through her beautiful powder blue cabinets. 'Well, I guess dry January is done,' the Legally Blonde star says while holding a glass of champagne alongside the glossy cabinets in question. 

Reese pairs the baby blue kitchen cabinets with tiles of a similar hue – creating a subtle, soothing blue kitchen space that celebrates one of the trendiest tones of the moment. 

Powder blue kitchens have had a firm place among kitchen trends for several months, but color experts agree that this tone isn't set to fall out of vogue anytime soon. 

'Blue – the color of freedom, intuition, imagination, and sensitivity. It's perfect for 2023, and that's why 'The Big Blue' is one of our five top predictions,' say Benjamin Moore's paint experts. 

'Think sea and sky… peace and harmony, stability and wisdom. From pale cornflower to almost black indigo, blue will be everywhere in spring and summer in both matte and sheen finishes.' 

The Academy Award–winning actress has opted for a glossy finish (in both her cabinets and kitchen tiles) – creating a luxe aesthetic as the light reflects from their surface. However, experts agree that every finish has the ability to impress. And its powers are more than aesthetic 

'There is a translucent quality to certain shades of blue that is very evocative of the expanse of the sky, or water, giving an instant connection to nature and a feeling of serenity, perfect for creating a calming refuge and welcome to your home,' says Zulufish's head of interior design, Caroline Milns. 

Caroline Milns

Caroline Milns is an interior designer based in west London. She has over 20 years of experience in the textile and interior industry and launched her award-winning studio Zulufish Interiors in 2013.

To enjoy blue therapeutic benefits, Caroline suggests washing the color across your walls and doorways – much like Reese demonstrates in her post. Beyond her tiles and cabinets, the actress continues to use the shade on the walls that lead to her blue and white dining room.

'It can create a sense of rhythm and feeling of flow that leads you through the heart of the home,' Caroline says. '[And] in addition, it's also a color that is easy to combine with other shades, as well as natural materials.

Reeses' inspiration in the kitchen doesn't end there. For more tips from the most important room of the home, we're taking notes from her book below.

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Whiskey in a Teacup by Reese Witherspoon | $17.96 on Amazon

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