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Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner launch Safely – a new range of cleaning products that lands in-store today

The famous duo's new cleaning and wellbeing line lands online today

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Chrissy Teigen and Kris Jenner's range of cleaning products, Safely, launches today! The line of products is one of the most surprising collaborations of 2021, however, if it's good enough for Chrissy Teigen we can't wait to try it.

The range includes hand soap, hand sanitizer, and hand cream. There's also an everyday laundry product, a universal cleaner, and a glass cleaner. All of which come packaged in minimalist green, teal, and white bottles that look far more visually pleasing than our usual cleaning sprays and pastes kept under the sink. 

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We don't yet know about pricing, but we do know that the range doesn't stop at plant-powered home cleaning. There will also be some self-care items included in the collection.


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The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star and Cravings cookbook author shared a humorous video to spread the word about the new brand. In the opening clip, Chrissy addresses the camera and jokes, 'I want my own product line because, honestly, everyone has one already.' She adds that she wants to call in the help of Kris Jenner, the 'branding master'.

'You know what we should do?' Kris says. 'We should create a line of super-effective cleaning products - plant-based, that are safe enough for the entire family, and we can even use them to wash our hands,' Kris adds. The duo is working on this project with Emma Grede, founder and CEO of Good American. 


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The strapline is 'plant-powered cleaning that smells great and actually works.' Many are looking to swap out harsh cleaning products to solutions that are safe for pets and young children. 

Cleaning the kitchen shouldn't be something that causes us to worry about kids or furry friends potentially touching any harsh chemicals. The lotions and potions do come in plastic bottles, so while the products are made from natural materials, the packaging could be more eco-friendly.


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The duo are no strangers to merchandise, Chrissy Teigen also has a range of cookware, available at Target. It would be almost impossible to name all the ranges Kris has helped created while managing her daughters' careers and running a production company, Jenner Communications. 

The launch comes just in time for spring when we start spring cleaning the bedroom and feel motivated to clean our homes thoroughly with the vacuum cleaner - as well as having an overdue declutter.

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