Why you should never put a mirror opposite your bed – according to sleep experts

This bedroom staple could be stopping you from getting a good sleep – this is where to put it instead

Mirror in bedroom
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While getting a good night's sleep comes down to many factors, there is nothing quite so important as your bedroom design choices. The colors and furnishings in this space have a direct impact on your sleeping pattern – from choosing the right paint color to the placement of your mattress. 

However, if you're looking for how to sleep better, the solution may be in something even simpler: your mirror. This furnishing is a bedroom staple, but (as sleep experts explain), its placement is key. 

In the discussion of their bedroom ideas, the experts warn against putting your mirror opposite your bed – and reveal where to put it instead. 

Why you should never put your mirror opposite your bed 

Mirror in bedroom

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'Some may say it is superstitious, or perhaps a little silly to worry about placing a mirror directly opposite your bed; however, there is psychological evidence to suggest that it could interfere with your sleep,' explains Dr. Giuseppe Aragona, a GP and online doctor at OnlinePrescriptionDoctor

Dr. Giuseppe explains how having a mirror opposite your bed gives the impression that you are being watched. And this doesn't improve once your lights go down.  

'Once the lights are dimmed, you are more likely to feel as though you can see shadows in the mirror, and this could mean spooking yourself and setting yourself up for a bad sleep,' he adds. 

Mirror in bedroom

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The expert also refers to Feng Shui bedroom ideas. He notes that the teaching warns against hanging a mirror opposite the bed as it could promote an 'intrusion of some kind' that causes issues with relationships.

'It is totally dependent on the person; however, if you are someone who is easily spooked, has trouble sleeping already, or easily wakes up in the night, then you may want to avoid,' he adds. 

Sleep expert Ryan Thaker reinforces Dr. Giuseppe's theory. He adds that feng shui experts believe the mirror doubles and bounces the energy in a room – and will consequently disrupt your inner tranquillity (needed for a good sleep). 

Where should you put your mirror instead?  

Mirror in bedroom

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Ryan suggests placing your mirror opposite your window to reflect your view instead. '[This] provides more positive energy,' he says. If you're decorating with mirrors, it is worth bearing his advice in mind. 

This tip will accentuate your room's light and promote a better sleeping pattern – and we're rearranging our room at the next opportunity.  

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