Best old-fashioned glass 2024 - for classic, whiskey cocktails

Whiskey cocktails are worthy of the best old-fashioned glass. Whether they're sculpted or simple, our experts found the best for your home bar.

An example of one of my picks for the best old-fashioned glass, filled with an old-fashioned cocktail
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Old-fashioneds are a classic cocktail, worthy of the best old-fashioned glass. Also known as a lowball or rocks glass, these tumblers are a versatile, premium option. They're an essential if you like whisky cocktails.

If you're currently cultivating an impressive cocktail glass collection, an old fashioned glass should feature. Or, if you enjoy a good whiskey glass but want some variation, these glasses are the next logical step.

Old-fashioned glasses should feel premium and have excellent ergonomics and aesthetics too. They're also useful as smaller highball glasses, so you can serve Negroni, liqueurs, and whiskey in them too.

I've searched through hundreds of glasses finding the ones which balance style and substance. Whether you're looking for a delicate, sculptured glass or a classic, crystal one, these are the best on the market.

Best old-fashioned glass 2024

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What is the difference between an old fashioned and a double old fashioned glass?

It might sound obvious, but it's all down to capacity. An old fashioned glass typically holds 6 to 8 oz, whereas a double can hold 12-14 oz.

Are old fashioned glasses whiskey glasses?

Old-fashioned glasses go by many names, rocks glasses and lowball glasses are the most common. They're different to whiskey glasses, because old-fashioned glasses need to have weighted bottoms, so almost never have stems.

What makes an old-fashioned glass special?

Old-fashioned glasses generally follow a tumbler shape, with wide rims and no stem. More specialist glasses runnel before the rim so that you don't get a big hit of alcohol in your nose before you can smell the bouquet of scents.

Final thoughts

best old-fashioned glass

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Even though these glasses are perfect for serving old-fashioned in, they're extremely versatile too. I love pouring a colorful mojito into an etched, rippled old-fashioned glass, because it looks so beautiful.

Choose the best one is tough, because different designs suit different people. What I would say with all of these is that they are too beautiful to hide away. Whether you have an open home bar or a beautiful bar cart, these old-fashioned glasses deserve a top spot.

How we test

best old fashioned glass

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At Homes & Gardens  we like to have tested products before we recommend them to you. However, we couldn't get these old-fashioned glasses to our test kitchen. Instead, I read through hundreds of customer and professional reviews to find out exactly what each glass is like to use. If there's a useful feature or shape, you'll know about it. In the same way, if there's something to be cautious of (fine rims and hand washing), I'll make sure to tell you about it too. If you'd like to know more about how we test, you can visit our dedicated page.

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