Best places to buy TVs in 2024

A brand new TV is an investment, so make sure you buy from retailers with the best selection and customer service

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Our TVs are a huge part of our daily lives. Most of us can't imagine our evenings without the comfort of browsing through Netflix. TVs sit prominently in our living rooms and are often one of the first things we see when coming home. So, they have a lot of boxes to tick in terms of performance and looks. 

Doing your research and choosing the best TV for your needs and your home space is no small task. So, shop for your TV with one of the best retailers to make sure you're taking advantage of the widest selection, the most helpful customer service, and the most generous promotions and returns policies. These are our top picks of stores when you're buying a TV. 

1. Best Buy

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Available at: Best Buy

Best buy is our best place to buy TVs, no competition – especially if you're planning to setting up a full-on home theater with a surround sound system, a soundbar, and other accessories. 

Browsing at a Best Buy allows you to visualize exactly how the different components will work together, with all major brands represented. Staff are knowledgeable and helpful, and delivery is usually free, though bear in mind that returns typically come at a cost. 

2. Target

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Available at: Target

Target is still one of the go-tos for buying just about anything for the home, a brand new TV included. The retailer may not have thousands of options like Amazon and other places, but there are perks to buying a TV through Target. First, there's a price match guarantee, so you won't end up regretting buying a TV with a markup when you could have got it cheaper from the manufacturer. 

Second, the free curb-side delivery service is very convenient. You can simply choose your TV in-store and Target will deliver it to your door the same day, without you needing to carry it through the parking lot. What we really like, though, is the returns policy: you can return your TV within 90 days for a full refund. Or, if you purchase a Target-owned brand, you have a whole year to change your mind. Impressive.  

3. Costco

Known for: Savings on appliances, TVs and electronics

Available at: Costco

You may be wondering, 'is a Costco membership worth it?' Our answer is: oh, yes. If you live in an area where Costco is available, signing up for membership gives you a number of benefits when buying a TV. From extra-long additional warranties to in-depth tech support for all the major TV brands, to say nothing of the substantial savings available to members, Costco is true value for money when shopping for something as expensive as a new TV.

4. Walmart

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Available at: Walmart

Why shop for a TV at Walmart? Two words: seasonal savings. The regular promotions are too good to miss, and there's a very simple yet effective navigation menu on the website that lets you filter for TVs that can be picked up in-store the same day and items ready to ship. In an era when shipping delays on home and electronics items are common, these options are important. 

5. Amazon

Known for: Home goods, electronics, smart home, everyday items

Available at: Amazon

Amazon is still one of the best places to buy a TV, not least because you can spend hours (literally) browsing other people's detailed reviews of just about every brand and model imaginable. Because these are completely independent user reviews, you can be sure you choose something other people have had a good experience with. Free shipping and fast delivery, especially if you have Prime, also give it a competitive edge over many other retailers.  

6. Samsung

A smart TV on a hallway sideboard

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Known for: Innovative and smart appliances and electronics

Available at: Samsung, Amazon, other major retailers

Samsung is leading the way in smart TV innovation. A Samsung TV is also worth the investment if you care about the way your TV looks. Sleek and impeccably well-made, Samsung TVs will easily blend in with a luxurious living room design scheme. Choose between freestanding and wall-mounted models that can double up as wall decor. Samsung TVs also offer great energy efficiency, including Star rating, which makes them an attractive option if you want to save on your energy bill. 

7. LG

Known for: TVs, appliances

Available at: LG, all major retailers 

LG is one of Samsung's main competitors and another steady brand that shows no signs of slowing down its tech innovation. From QLED to 4K Ultra HD and nano cell models, it's the brand for the TV connoisseur. They even make TVs with a filmmaker mode, which is especially useful for media professionals and movie buffs. 

However, probably the main draw of LG TVs these days is the compatibility with smart assistants from Google and Apple. In our experience, you'll have far fewer problems using your LG TV with Alexa or Google than with many other brands. 

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