I'm a shopping writer − these are the best desks for home offices

No matter the size of your workspace, there’s a desk out there for you

One of the best desks, the West Elm Mid-Century Mini Desk
(Image credit: West Elm)

At the heart of every home office is a good-quality desk. The best desks make for a smooth and stylish work surface, as well as offering plenty of room for storage. If you’re short on space, the right desk will be designed to fit into tight corners and narrow nooks, too.

You can shop for desks by material, choosing from timeless oak and pine wood pieces or ultra-modern designs made of glass. You can also shop by style. Executive desks make a fantastic focal feature in any home office, while a hidden desk or a miniature model will blend into the background. There are so many types of desks, and so many home furniture stores selling them, that it can be difficult to know where to start. 

As a shopping writer, I know all the best places to buy desks. I’ve scoured the top home furniture sites and read thousands of customer reviews to bring you the very best. I’ve narrowed it down to my top nine.

Whether you want your desk to make a statement or fold up and away for easy storage, I’ve found the right work surface for you.

Best desks 2024

Best desk FAQs

Where can I buy a good-quality desk?

Which is the best desk to buy?

Which is the best desk depends on what you want to use it for, and where you want to put it. An L-shaped desk or a mini model will work best in smaller spaces, while an executive desk is a work surface that makes a statement. If you shop with your style preference and storage needs in mind, you can’t go far wrong.

Final thoughts

Once you’ve bought one of the best desks, it’s important to learn how to organize it. Follow these desk organizing rules, or choose one of the best desk organizers.

If you don’t have a dedicated home office, but you still want to invest in a desk, there are plenty of bedroom layouts with a desk. The right surface will give you plenty of space to work during the day without impeding your evening relaxation. 

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