I’m a shopping writer – these are the best places to buy affordable furniture

Leave the second-rate stuff in the bargain bin. These top homeware retailers know how to balance quality and cost

Living room with black and white chairs and green sofa
(Image credit: Future / Mary Wadworth / Interior Design: Kitesgrove)

A good bed frame is a home essential. So is a stylish sofa, a spacious dresser, a sturdy desk, and a kitchen set with room to spare. The list goes on and the cost adds up. 

If you’ve ever moved house, refurbished a room, or sought out a statement piece, you know just how expensive good furniture can be. Buyers on a budget are often left with second-rate, plasticky pieces. 

I’m a shopping writer. I like a good bargain, but I’d never sacrifice quality for cost. That’s why I’ve spent hours scouring the sites of the best indoor furniture stores to find affordable furnishings that won’t make your house look cheap

These big brands cater to customers with tight budgets and high expectations for their homeware. This indoor furniture might be affordable, but it’s sleek, stylish, and made to last.

Best places to buy affordable furniture 2024

1. West Elm

A light gray sofa in a warm brown-toned living room lined with bookshelves.

(Image credit: West Elm)

It’s super easy to take advantage of West Elm’s regular furniture sales. Their website homepage features a sale subcategory, showcasing warehouse deals and clearance sales. But it’s the specialist search filters that make West Elm the best place to get cheap furniture. You can fix your budget down to the dollar with a sliding scale, so that you only see the products within your price point. Unlike other retailers, cheaper furniture isn’t necessarily worse quality. West Elm is well-known for their chic, contemporary aesthetic and their cheaper pieces meet that brief, too. Their Mid-Century Collection is one of their most affordable, and it’s still seriously stylish.

2. Wayfair

A gray living room set with cozy throw and rug.

(Image credit: Wayfair)

Wayfair’s unparalleled range of products and price points makes it one of the best places to buy cheap furniture. Their handy navigation bar spotlights items on sale, making it that much easier to bag a bargain. There’s also an option to shop for furniture sets. Partner pieces such as dining tables and chairs can be bought together for a cut price, giving you more for less. If you’re a Wayfair regular, or you’d like to be, there are a few simple (and free) ways to get better prices on your products. You can download the Wayfair app to access exclusive deals and perks, or sign up for the Wayfair mailing list to send the best offers direct to your inbox. The only downside is that there’s so much on offer that it can be hard to know what is and isn’t high quality.

3. Target

A gray living room with bench, bookshelves and a desk.

(Image credit: Target)

Cheap furniture is front and center on Target’s website homepage. Top Deals and Clearance sales are easily accessible via the navigation bar, and reveal thousands of cut-price pieces. Better yet, there are no handling fees, and there’s even free shipping on orders over $35. The best thing about Target, though, is the ‘see it in your space’ option for larger furniture pieces. Just scan the QR code to view the item in your home, pre-purchase, with Target’s augmented reality preview. This way, you can find the furniture that fits best with your interior design without measuring up or spending a cent.