Lavender is the new pink for spring 2024 – here are the chicest buys to bring this calming hue into your home

Lavender decor is trending in a big way, and I have curated all my favorite ways to bring this fresh shade into any room

A selection of lavender decor
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Of all the color trends that are popular right now, my favorites definitely lean more toward the brighter, bolder side of the spectrum. However, I also understand that bold colors aren’t the easiest to use and that maximalist homes can feel quite jarring to some people. Although, decorating with softer neutrals, like muddy pinks and beiges, can feel a bit... safe. That's why the rise in lavender in interior design trends totally makes sense since this color sits in both camps – it's calming and easy on the eye but still packs a punch. 

‘Lavender is a soothing color that allows for that infusion of color into your space, yet doesn’t pack a huge punch,’ says Mimi Meacham, the founder and principal designer of Marian Louise Design. ‘If you’re not ready to go full maximalist just yet, lavender is very accessible to the color curious, especially since it looks beautiful in a variety of tones. It’s the perfect color choice for those wanting to add some interest with a zen vibe.’

Open plan lavender kitchen with dining area

(Image credit: Marian Louise Design)

The best part about lavender decor (at least in my opinion) is the fact that you can use the color simply as an accent piece if minimalism is more your vibe, or cover the whole room with it through accessories, paint colors, furniture, and the like. Even if you opt for the latter, however, your room still won’t be overwhelmed with color, especially if you choose softer shades of lavender. That’s the beauty of this trend, and no matter which way you prefer to go, there are decor items that’ll help you achieve just the look you’re after.

9 ways to bring soft lavender shades into your home

To help make things easier for you, I scoured through the websites of my favorite home retailers to bring you the best of lavender in lamps, pillows, ceramics, chairs, and so much more. These looks can be both dramatic as well as subtle, so you’re bound to find your new favorite lavender decor piece in this selection.

Lavender is the latest new color trend taking over the interior design world, and it’s bringing a fresh new take on more feminine interior design trends like floral decor and shades of pink. Whether you like your lavender on the softer side or prefer to play around with darker hues, you’re bound to find space for this versatile color in your design scheme this spring. 

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

Nikhita is the Style Editor for Homes & Gardens, making sure our home-savvy readers are always aware of the latest trends and deepening their knowledge of classic design. Nikhita graduated with her Master of Arts in Magazine Journalism from New York University, and has spent a decade in interior design and shopping roles at shelter publications ELLE DECOR and Domino Magazine.