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Narwal Freo Vacuum
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It seems like years ago that robot vacuum cleaners were being presented as the solution for busy families, obediently rolling out like clockwork to efficiently suck up daily debris while we sat back and relaxed.

In practice they spent more time stuck behind the sofa than cleaning, and we spent more time clearing out the brushes than we saved.

Well, the future's finally here. The latest generation of robot vacuums deliver on the original promise, and none more so than the Narwal Freo – which not only vacuums your floors, but mops and dries them as well, all with minimal assistance from its humans. What's more, on Cyber Monday you can save $600 and pick up this marvel for just $799.99.

Dirtsense Technology: A Smart Cleaning Experience

What sets the Freo apart is its proprietary AI-powered Dirtsense technology. Which is a fancy way of saying your Freo can detect the kind of messes it's dealing with – everything from wine stains to loose dirt – and approach it accordingly.

Stains on hardwood floors will get scrubbed by microfiber mops with increasing degrees of pressure, and the Freo will keep at it, returning to the spot until the stain is gone, and the built-in hot air jets can dry the floor.

Narwal Freo Vacuum

(Image credit: Narwal)

Versatile Cleaning for Diverse Interiors

Or if the problem is debris in rugs or carpets, the Freo goes into vacuum mode and uses a mix of rubber and bristle brushes to loosen and collect the dirt – taking in anything up to half an inch wide.

So however diverse your interior décor, you can just set the Freo going and it'll navigate hardwood, tiles, rugs and all kinds of carpet accordingly, all while avoiding pets, babies and whatever else might unexpectedly cross its path.

Narwal Freo Vacuum

(Image credit: Narwal)

All-in-One Docking Station: A True Labor-Saving Device

The other feature that makes this a true labor-saving device is the all-in-one docking station.

This is a sleek, minimalist affair, actually about the size of a regular vacuum cleaner, that will fit right in wherever you want to put it.

You have the option of plumbing it directly into your water supply (everything you need to do this comes in the box), so it can flush, rinse and fill the Freo completely automatically.

Effortless Maintenance for a Healthier Home

But even if you're filling the tank yourself that's pretty much all you need to do. The Freo docking station will rinse, clean and dry the mopping pads and vacuum brushes between every cycle, taking care of everything from germs to mold (even tackling some allergies!) without you having to lift a finger.

User-Friendly Interface: Smart Management for Your Home

There's a handy LCD display on the front, a simple touch screen good for quickly checking the status of your robot helper. But you'll be doing most of the management via your smartphone and the Narwal app, where you can set times and schedules, or send it off for a quick spot clean if you have a spill.

Sleek Design, Quiet Operation: Aesthetic and Serene Cleaning

The unit itself is sleek, circular and sparkling in white. It goes about its business quietly too – rarely making any more noise than a gentle rainfall. 

Narwal Black Friday Deal

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So there you have it. A robot vacuum that lives up to the promise and delivers plenty more besides.

And just in time to help you get your home host-ready for the holiday season, the Narwal Freo is available for just $799.99 this Cyber Monday. Don't Miss Out on this incredible deal! Grab your Narwal Freo now, save $600 (43% Off), and transform your cleaning experience! Act fast to also enjoy an additional $100 off when you bundle it with our exclusive accessory pack. Make your purchase today and embrace a new era of hassle-free cleaning!

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