If you love blue and white interiors, you'll love the VQ & Laura Ashley collection that brings this classic combo to everyday appliances

If you want to elevate your everyday appliances, you're in the right place

The VQ & Laura Ashley China Rose toaster and kettle on a marble countertop with toast and condiments around it
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Blue and white colors on ceramics are a classic. The beautiful balance of colors is crisp, elegant, and delicate. It's a failsafe option if you're looking to cultivate a timeless collection of plates, vases, and accessories in your home. 

If you look in my cupboards or on my mantle, you'll know that I love blue and white ceramics, but I'm also a bit of a snob. Whilst some pieces look undeniably elegant, there are plenty of knockoffs creeping onto crammed shelves in the store, which can make it hard to find truly premium designs amongst the masses.

Luckily for us, the British lifestyle brand, Laura Ashley, has partnered with VQ to bring an exquisite China Rose kitchen appliance collection, which features the most beautiful stand mixer and portable blender that I've ever seen. It's a treat for anyone, especially us blue and white snobs.

What's the collection and where can I find it?

A Laura Ashley & VQ immersion blender on a marble surface

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

Laura Ashley, the British Lifestyle brand is celebrating 70 years of success in the US, so they've teamed up with the home and electronic brand VQ to bring a series of appliances to the market, hand-glazed in some of Laura Ashley's most iconic prints.

These heritage designs are a classy take on the classic blue and white combination. The patterns, Elveden Navy, Elveden White, and China Rose, have been the brand's best sellers for years, so to be able to enjoy them in the kitchen is a true treat.

There's a whole range of different appliances on offer, but I've picked out some of my favorites: a portable blender, an immersion blender, a hand mixer, a slow cooker, and, a truly stunning stand mixer to deep dive into. If you want to know what to shop from the collection, here's my expert selection.

A quick introduction

I'll go into more details on the bigger, more substantial appliances. However, if you like the look of the style and just want a little bit of blue and white in your kitchen, here are my favorites from the collection.

More about the portable smoothie maker

A Laura Ashley & VQ hand blender on a marble surface

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

We've tested some of the best personal blenders on the market and, whilst there are certainly some stunning designs on offer, I don't think any look as beautiful as this. All the blue and white decoration is hand-applied with incredible attention to detail, making this feel like so much more than a functional appliance.

The VQ Laura Ashley blender is completely cordless and super compact. It even comes with a 15 oz juice cup on top of the device, so you can use this with a drinking cap as your bottle. It's perfect for taking in your handbag or gym bag wherever you go.

The blender also comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that charges fully in 3.5-4 hours via a USB cable, which is included in the package. The 25,000-rpm engine powers six stainless steel cutter blades, which is plenty of power for crushing ice and handling tougher textures, such as frozen berries and leafy greens.

More about the immersion blender

A Laura Ashley & VQ immersion blender being put in a bag

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

I love immersion blenders. They're a great way to make the most of small spaces, especially if you live in an urban area and you need an appliance to function as a blender and food processor combination.

The VQ & Laura Ashley immersion blender is sleek (and beautiful, of course), with a 500-watt motor, and plenty of blending accessories. You'll get a pitcher for smoothies, a whisk for batters, as well as food chopper attachments. There's also a 10 oz whisking cup and pouring container if you're using your blender to make sauces. Whilst that might sound like a lot of accessories with the potential to get lost, this comes with a draw-string bag that has separate compartments, so you can keep everything in one place.

More about the hand mixer

A Laura Ashley & VQ hand mixer on a marble surface

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

Competition for being the best hand mixer on the market is tough. Braun, KitchenAid, and Smeg all make some stylish options, but the VQ & Laura Ashley one might have just clinched the spot for the most stylish model.

With a powerful, 300-watt motor and five speed settings, this boasts form and function. It has a special, comfortable grip, and comes with stainless-steel beaters and dough hooks that cover all your baking tasks.

More about the stand mixer

A Laura Ashley & VQ stand mixer on a marble surface

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

Stand mixers are some of the most beautiful, covetable kitchen appliances on the market and this is the most elegant one I've seen (and probably will ever see). The stainless steel bowl comes with a beater, whisk, and dough hook, so it'll be a useful assistant for any keen baker.

The capacity is perfect for family bakes. Plus, there are 10 speeds powered by an 1800-watt motor. It's set to be a favorite from this collection.

More about the slow cooker

A Laura Ashley & VQ slow cooker on a wooden countertop

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

Slow cookers are rarely beautiful, so I cannot overstate how pleased I am to see the VQ & Laura Ashley model in all its beauty.

The stainless steel bowl has a 3.5-liter capacity, which is brilliant for stews, soups, and casseroles. You can toggle between three heat settings and a keep warm function. Even better, the tempered glass lid helps keep all the moisture in your dish, whilst letting you check up on your dishes.

When you're finished cooking, the inner bowl can go in the dishwasher, making it just as easy to clean as it is to use. Plus, if you register the slow cooker on the VQ website, you'll get a three-year guarantee.

Why have Laura Ashley & VQ collaborated?

Laura Ashley VQ hand mixer on a marble countertop with a bowl of eggs in the background

(Image credit: Laura Ashley VQ)

The thought behind a lifestyle and appliance brand collaborating isn't novel, but it's not always executed as expertly as the VQ & Laura Ashley collection has done. Carolyn D’Angelo, president of Laura Ashley Global, says, 'kitchens today are more beautiful and thoughtfully curated than ever before. The new range of floral-print tea kettles and toasters makes an everyday essential into something charming; customers will be proud to have their appliances on display.'

The brands wanted to deliver on substance and style, which is exactly what these do. They're charmingly timeless and a wonderful range. Last year, the brand launched a similar collaboration, which was a sell-out, so they're expecting similar success with the China Rose line.

Where can I buy the Laura Ashley & VQ collection?

A Laura Ashley & VQ immersion blender on a marble surface

(Image credit: Laura Ashley & VQ)

Aside from shopping on the brand's site, the new Laura Ashley & VQ collaboration will be available at Wayfair, Bed Bath & Beyond, HSN, QVC and Home Depot.

I imagine that stocks will sell out soon, since this is a stunning style that was well-received the last time that VQ & Laura Ashley collaborated. In fact, the range received an extra feather in its cap when it recently won the Brand and Licensing Award of the Year in the Best Brand Licensed Electrical &/or DIY Products or Range category. I'll be testing them out over the next few weeks, so watch out for reviews.

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