I read 2,000 Way Day deals - these are the only ones to buy

I spent hours trawling Way Day deals to find the biggest discounts on furniture and appliances

A composite image of Way Day deals, showing furniture, a bathtub, a grill, a chair, a coffee table, a fridge, and other sale items. The Wayfair logo is in the top left corner
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At Homes & Gardens, we spend all our time covering the latest interiors trends, as well as testing toasters, mattresses, air purifiers, and much more. We literally eat, sleep, and breathe products and deals, so I was excited when we caught wind of some of the discounts on Wayfair's Way Day. 

I went through thousands of Way Day deals so you don't have to. I actually stopped counting after 2,000, but of the many (many) deals I assessed, my favorite deal is a huge 76% off these Cusinart pans, saving you hundreds of of dollars. The biggest discount I'll recommend is $2000 off this outdoor sectional set

However, there's something for everyone. I've covered home furniture, outdoor furniture, kitchen appliances, bathroom fixtures, and sleep. These are the very best deals, chosen for the the highest quality, the greatest discounts, and supreme value for money. We've put all the small appliances to the test, the sleep deals were uncovered by our bedding editor Louise, and everything else is informed by our expert taste and experience covering sales. There's nothing in here that I wouldn't buy myself.

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