Does lavender attract wealth? This fragrant plant could be the secret to prosperity, say Feng Shui experts

Many of us use it to help us sleep, but it could work wonders for our wallets too, experts suggest

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Feng Shui has some weird and wonderful ways of increasing your luck and prosperity by attracting positive energies to your life – but does lavender really attract wealth?

If you are familiar with Feng Shui, then you will likely know about the feng shui wealth corner, and how it can improve your luck with money, but it turns out that lavender could have the same effect on its own. 

We consulted Feng Shui experts to learn more about lavender and prosperity, and why this plant is sworn by for good luck with finances. 

Does lavender attract wealth? 

Usually used to help improve sleep and relaxation, and promote good energy in bedroom Feng Shui, lavender is an unsung hero when it comes to wealth and prosperity, says Feng Shui expert Victor Cheung, founder of Feng Shui Nexus

‘Lavender's vibrant purple color is associated with wealth and prosperity in Feng Shui symbolism,’ he explains. ‘This color association further reinforces the belief that incorporating lavender elements in the wealth corner can enhance the energy related to abundance and financial well-being.’

Victor Cheung
Victor Cheung

Victor is a Feng Shui expert versed in interior design. He practices classical Feng Shui – including Eight Mansions, Flying Stars, and San Yuan schools.

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But what makes lavender as a Feng Shui plant so different from simply decorating with purple? Jennifer Kropf of Healthy Happy Impactful, explains that it is about calming fragrance: ‘Lavender helps set the stage for an environment where minds were receptive, where the flow of good energy could circulate freely as it relaxes, soothes, and calms.

‘So whether it's a live plant or an essential oil diffuser, you're looking to enhance the atmosphere in your home,’ she says. ‘Consider what lavender might do for you. In my own journey, it has proven to be more than just a scent or a color; it has been a catalyst for peace, positivity, and even abundance.’

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Lavender also has the added benefit of channeling the wood element in Feng Shui. In the meaning of Feng Shui, wood is thought to be the most prosperous of the five elements, symbolizing wealth, family, and health. Growing lavender indoors in the right areas of your home can, therefore, increase your luck in these areas by helping to balance the energy, Victor Cheung continues.

‘To harness the potential of lavender in the wealth corner of the Feng Shui energy map, place live lavender plants or dried lavender sachets in the far left corner of rooms, or your home. This infusion of lavender's scent and color can enhance the ambiance and energy of the space, contributing to the overall positive energy flow.’ 


Does lavender bring good luck?

Lavender is thought to be a lucky plant in Feng Shui, attracting good fortune and positive energy while warding off negative energy. Its purple color, soft shape, and light fragrance are all thought to help with relaxation, lowering your stress levels and helping you to be more optimistic, in turn, making you feel luckier overall.

Is lavender good for cleansing?

Lavender, like sage and rosemary, can be burned in your home to help cleanse your home's energy, spiritualists believe. It is also thought that you can also use a burner with essential oils, or a candle scented with lavender oil for a similar effect. For a cleansing effect, it is best to stay away from artificial scents, and only use naturally derived products to unlock antibacterial cleansing properties.

Whether you buy a fresh lavender plant for your home, or channel its relaxing scent and peaceful color, creating good Feng Shui in your home and incorporating some element of this easy-to-care-for flower is a great way to de-stress and refocus your attention, possibly unlocking more opportunities to increase your wealth.

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