How to make a home smell good for spring – 4 signature springtime scents to try

Here’s how to wash away winter mustiness and reinvigorate your space with springtime scents

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As the days last longer and we get the urge to throw open the windows and spend more time outside, it is desirable to bring that fresh, new-season scent into our homes to enjoy it all day long. 

While it can be obvious to pick up a fresh floral candle and call it a day, you don’t just have to stick to fresh florals for that springtime vibe. There are plenty of seasonal scents that won't make it feel like you live in a florist. 

This is how to make your home smell good for spring to help herald in the brighter seasons and prepare your home for springtime hosting. 

How to make a home smell good for spring

Adding fresh spring scents into your home is all well and good, but if you don't use some cleaning tips to get rid of winter dirt and dust that has been making your home feel musty, you are only adding a sticking plaster, warn the cleaning experts at Method and Ecover.  

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'To kickstart the re-scent process, begin by opening all the windows to let in the crisp spring air and remove stale odors,’ they begin. ‘Clean away any surfaces that might have acquired dust, and don’t forget the curtains and other soft furnishings. Wash all bed linen using laundry products like Ecover’s Concentrated Non-Bio Laundry Liquid, at Amazon in the Lavender fragrance. 

‘Lastly, regularly empty garbage bins and deep clean them if necessary. This blend of cleanliness, natural scents, and attentive home maintenance will ensure your space feels wonderfully vibrant throughout spring,’ they explain.

Only then can you consider picking a signature scent for your spring home, they say.  

The best springtime fragrances

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Once you have dealt with your spring cleaning checklist, then you can start fragrance layering for spring.   

1. Fan favorite florals  

It wouldn't be springtime without fresh flowers, so it makes sense that floral fragrances such as rose, geranium, and lavender are the most popular picks for the spring season. You can either pick up some of the best candles to help infuse your space or grow and pick some of the flowers themselves – using plants to infuse subtle scents into your home naturally. 

2. Tone it down with earthy herbs  

'Aromatic herbs are not just used in your kitchen – they can offer an earthier alternative to a springtime scent for those of us who find florals overpowering but still want a natural fragrance,' says Jennifer Pressimone, clinical aromatherapy expert and owner of JennScents:

‘My three favorite springtime scents are rosemary, lime, and spearmint,’ she shares. ‘All three facilitate movement of the mind and body, helping you expand new ideas on the horizon, adjust to seasonal changes, connect to passions that light you up, and embrace a fresh outlook, all while making your home smell fresh and clean. 

‘A simple way to use these essential oils is to add two drops each to an ultrasonic diffuser. Set the timer and diffuse for one hour. The refreshing scent will continue lingering in the air, providing positive mood and mindset benefits for hours.’

Alternatively, you can grow the herbs in indoor herb gardens for a pop of springtime color, too.  

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3. Freshen up with fruits  

Some of the best home fragrances derive from fruits, making them a great pick for freshening up your home in springtime. Bright citruses such as orange and lemon are great options if you like ‘clean’ scents that can transition into summer, suggests Chrissy Fichtl, founder of APOTHEKE, luxury home fragrances. 

‘Our Orange Blossom Neroli scent intertwines sweet orange blossoms and refreshing neroli with earthy greens, sandalwood, and a touch of musk for a zesty and invigorating fragrance,’ she explains. It’s perfect for the warmer seasons. 

Plug-in Essential Oil Diffusers

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This electric aromatherapy diffuser helps you fill your space with the spring scents you love. All you have to do is add water and the essential oil of your choice then turn it on. 

4. Channel spring cleaning with fresh linen scents 

Our homes often never smell better than just after we have finished our spring cleaning. After the windows have been open, upholstery and carpets cleaned, and a big batch of laundry done and hung up to dry, our homes smell naturally fresh. 

You can't do this every day, though. Not only is it exhausting, but you would certainly be over-cleaning your home. The solution? To replicate this feeling with fresh cleaning scents such as fresh linen, baby powder, and clean cotton, suggests Gabriella Dyson, Solved Section Editor at Homes & Gardens.  


Why does the air smell different in spring? 

The air outside often smells different in spring from the previous winter because it is starting to warm up, melting ice and slightly increasing humidity. As a result, more subtle scents such as damp earth, pollen, and flowers are more noticeable. These help to create that fresh spring scent that is often invigorating and mood-boosting.  

How do I make my house smell like fresh flowers?  

The easiest way to make your home smell like fresh flowers is to use fresh-cut flowers around your home. If this is not sustainable for you or you have allergies, however, then using diffusers with fresh floral scents, preferably essential oils, is a great way to add a subtle spring-like scent that isn’t overwhelming. 

Picking a signature spring scent and using it in a variety of ways, such as candles, diffusers, cleaning products, and live plants, is one of the best ways to make your home smell good all the time. Try not to pick competing scents to avoid your home becoming overwhelming – especially when using fragrances as strong as fruits and florals.   

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