5 must-haves for an inviting guest bathroom, according to designers

Experts share their essential list that will make your guest bathroom more inviting

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It is inevitable that when you invite someone round to your home they are going to use your guest bathroom. When a friend comes over, we always strive to make our homes feel welcoming, creating a space where our guests can relax.

Whether your company is staying in your guest bedroom or not, there is a strong likelihood that they will be using the bathroom at some point. The guest bathroom can often be overlooked compared to the other bathrooms that are used more regularly in the house. 

However, if you decide to give this room a little bit more attention it is guaranteed your guests will make the whole experience of coming over more enjoyable.

Experts share their 5 favorite things to include in a guest bathroom

These five things will make your guest bathroom as comfortable and luxurious as possible. 

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1. An essentials hamper

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Having a well-stocked essentials hamper will make your guests feel like they have everything they may need during their visit at their fingertips. This is important if your guests are staying over for the night or are just visiting for dinner.

Hillary Pereira, an interior designer and entertaining expert at Hillary Pateria Designs, believes that this is one of the most important things that you can include in your bathroom as it makes your guest automatically comfortable in your home and thought about. Hillary likes to include a variety of bathroom essentials in her bathroom storage. Her go-to products, available at Amazon, include:

Having these products in your guest bathroom will also allow you to enjoy your guests' visit more as well. You will no longer have to worry that they do not have what they need and they will not have to keep asking you for things as it will be provided for them in the bathroom already.

Hayley Pereira
Hilary Pereira

Hilary Pereira is an award-winning design visionary, best-selling author and experiential marketer. She works across the US and lives between New York City and Nashville.

2. Fresh clean towels

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These can be split into three main categories. Hand towels, bath towels and face towels are all equally important. Make sure to check that these are made from natural materials as; they will feel more luxurious and high quality. This 8-piece premium plush bathroom bundle from Cozy Earth includes four washcloths, two hand towels, and two bath towels they are made from bamboo and natural viscose. Having luxury towels will also be appreciated and noticed by your guests. Trust us.   

Having a nice set of towels will boost the entire bathroom experience, says Elizebeth Grace, interior designer at Dream Home Making. Making these towels a complementary color to your bathroom also increases the sense of luxury within the room and shows attention to detail.

3. Extra rolls of toilet paper

Nothing makes a guest more embarrassed when using a bathroom than running out of toilet paper. According to interior decorator Pattie Kelly, it is important to have extra toilet paper in clear view for your guests as it will save them from the awkward situation of running out and having to ask you for more.

One way you can ensure that your guest has plenty of toilet rolls is by having a stylish freestanding toilet paper holder, at Anthropologie, that provides extra room for additional rolls, this way they are in plain sight while also elevating the style in the room.

Pattie Kelly
Pattie Kelly

A graduate of Syracuse University, Pattie has over 20 years of management experience working with clients. After going back to school to earn her professional certification from the University of Richmond, Pattie founded Inspired Home Interiors in order to provide clients with thoughtful designs for polished, custom spaces.

4. Reed diffusers, candles and room spray

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‘A scented candle or diffuser can add a touch of luxury to your guest bathroom,’ says home improvement expert Grianne Foley. ‘Not only can they be used to create an inviting mood for when they arrive, but can also be used to mask any unpleasant smells.’

Having a nice-smelling bathroom is extremely welcoming for your guests and will help to put them into a relaxed frame of mind. You also do not have to decide between using reed diffusers, candles, or sprays. They can be used in conjunction with each other depending on the use. This candle from Diptyque smells amazing and will transform your bathroom into a tranquil and calming space.

Having a beautiful-smelling room spray available is also important. Put a room spray, at Diptyque, on a small tray next to or above the sink for easy access.

Grianne Foley
Grianne Foley

Grianne is the founder of The Cleaning Mommy. She is an expert in cleaning and decluttering your home and creating a comfortable home for families.

5. A privacy lock

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Last on the list, but by no means least, every guest bathroom should have a privacy lock on the door.  Whilst a privacy lock may not be high on your list of items to install in your guest bathroom, especially if you have a primary or en-suite bathroom, you quickly realize the importance of having one when you are at someone else’s home and they do not.

There are a number of bathroom locks available, like these latch locks on Amazon that are relatively easy to install, without having to change the bathroom door handles or mechanism.

Having a privacy lock on your guest bathroom door will provide your guests with an instant sense of relief that they are safe from any intruding guests when using the powder room. This will make their visit to the bathroom more private and allow them to feel relaxed and at home.

What makes a guest bathroom look dated?

A bathroom that is damaged with chipped tiles, visible rust or simply unclean makes it look dated and unpleasant. These issues make a bathroom unappealing and will be noticed by your guests when they are visiting. 

Adding flowers, an ornate mirror or artwork will also help to create a relaxing ambiance. These decorative touches can quickly transform your guest bathroom from a sterile space into something much more rejuvenating.

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