Why you should try pine cleansing for a lucky Christmas – according to spiritualists

This festive twist on smudging could be perfect for welcoming good energy at Christmas, experts say

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We all want good energy in our homes at Christmas, but have you considered pine cleansing to increase your chances? 

While cleansing a house with sage is far more common, spiritualists suggest that this seasonal alternative could be perfect for banishing bad energy and increasing your luck over the festive period. 

Whether you are looking for good luck with gifts, or cooking your Christmas meal, this is how to cleanse a home with pine safely. 

Pine cleansing for a lucky Christmas  

‘Pine cleansing is a traditional practice that involves using the scent and energy of pine to purify and rejuvenate the energy in a space. Unlike sage, which is often used for deep spiritual cleansing and removing negative energies, pine brings a fresh, invigorating energy. It's associated with vitality, longevity, and resilience,’ begins Griff Williams, spiritualist and wellness expert, and founder of MindEasy.

Griff Williams
Griff Williams

Griff Williams started MindEasy with the goal of working with a variety of different meditation teachers to present the many different approaches and techniques that there are to meditation. 

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While there are plenty of other ways to increase your luck over the holidays, such as using Feng Shui to avoid dead energy at Christmas, pine cleansing is thought to be more efficient at ‘burning’ out negative energy to make room for ‘new possibilities, new strengths, and new joys,’ explains Dr. LeMeita Smith, a psychological advisor ay Tarotoo:

‘When people engage in pine cleansing, they're participating in a ritual that psychologically reinforces their resilience and hope for the future,’ she shares. ‘It's a psychological act of setting the stage for the new year. It's about preparing oneself mentally and emotionally for what's ahead by creating an environment that reflects those aspirations.’

Dr. LeMeita Smith
Dr. LeMeita Smith

Dr. LeMeita Smith, PhD is an expert in the field of mental health. She has years of experience in assessment, treatment planning, intervention, and case management.

How to pine cleanse at Christmas

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Pine cleansing is a great way to keep energy flowing in winter, so long as it is burned correctly and safely – you don’t want to burn down your perfect Christmas tree, after all.

First, you will want to gather your chosen pine wood, drying it out before bundling it into a tight stick around the length of your fingers, explains Maria Hayes, spiritualist, tarot reader, and founder of Trusted Astrology. Tightly packing your pine wood together and tying it tightly with string will help it to smolder rather than burn down like a candle. 

‘Be careful not to burn yourself when lighting up your pine bundle,’ she says. ‘You only need to heat the pine so that it smolders, after that, the smoke will start to emit. Keep in mind that your bundle should not be in flames,’ she says. 

Maria Hayes
Maria Hayes

Maria Hayes has over 38 years of experience in astrology and fortune-telling and has helped thousands of clients around the world alter their lives and find answers to life's difficult questions. 

White Pine Smudge Bundle | View at Etsy

White Pine Smudge Bundle | View at Etsy
These premade smudge bundles are perfect for those of us cleansing our homes for the first time. 

Once lit, spiritualist Griff Williams, recommends slowly moving around your home, gently sweeping the bundle back and forth as you walk. Be sure to focus the effects on corners and areas where energy feels most stagnant.

‘Never leave burning or smoldering materials unattended. If using a diffuser, follow the manufacturer's instructions,’ he adds.

‘It's also about the mindset,’ Dr. LeMeira Smith continues. ‘Approach the ritual with respect and intention. Whether you're burning pine needles or simmering them to make your home smell good for Christmas, do it mindfully. As the fragrance fills your space, envision the resilience and renewal it symbolizes permeating every corner of your home.’ 


What should you not do when smudging?

When smudging or burning pine for cleansing, it is important to never leave the smudging stick unattended, as it is a fire risk. Instead, always hold the stick when lit and ensure it is extinguished fully by submerging it in water when you are done with it.  

Should you open windows when smudging?

When smudging your home you should always open a window or external door to help prevent a build-up of smoke in your home that can irritate your airways and to help negative energy escape as you cleanse your home.  

Decorating for the holidays usually means displacing your furniture and disrupting the normal flow of your home layout and energy. As a result, it is important to pay close attention to your adjusted layout and Christmas decor to ensure you are still working towards creating good Feng Shui in your home to complement your cleansing. Doing one without the other may still leave you on the back foot when trying to improve your luck.  

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