5 things to declutter in April – to start spring on the right foot

Spring into your home organizing by decluttering these five things in April

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As April rolls around and spring is firmly upon us, it is the perfect time to start opening up our homes and our storage and taking inventory of everything we have stashed away over a long and gloomy winter. 

After all, spring cleaning isn't just about dusting and vacuuming – you need a good clutter clear-out, too, for a truly fresh start. 

Given that we are still in the best time of year to declutter, these are the five things you need to declutter in April for the best start to spring. 

Things to declutter in April

From closets to cabinets, outside and in, focusing on these five areas, specifically in April, will prepare your home for a spectacular spring and summer.  

1. Reset your tax filing system

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Now that one tax season is over, it is time to prepare for the next by decluttering a home office and setting up a new tax system, urges Laura DeJohn, professional home organizer and owner of All Checked Off - Professional Organizing

‘I highly recommend resetting your tax filing system. You’ve probably received your return at which point you can file it away either digitally or in your filing system. This is a great time to check in to be sure you’re collecting the paperwork you’ll need next year in an organized way. (Don’t forget to keep those DMV registration reminders). 

‘If you don’t have a system in place [such as this expandable file folder, from Walmart] to collect your tax information now is a great time to set one up since you just finished your taxes and everything is fresh in your mind.’

2. Say goodbye to the last of winter decor

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While we started to clear out our winter decor and home furnishings when decluttering in March, it is now time to fully clear out any old winter items and transition to full spring decor, says Katy Wells, home organizer, founder of Clutter Cure Club and host of The Maximized Minimalist podcast:

‘Time to pack up any remaining winter or holiday-specific decorations. Consider simple “swap outs,” such as swapping out heavier, warm winter blankets with lighter, airier options like linen or cotton throws. Or consider swapping a winter-themed family photo for a spring-themed photo. This changes the look and the feel of the living space, making it more aligned with the warmer spring weather.’

3. Refresh your linen closet

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As we switch from our winter bedding sets to our lighter spring linens, April is a great time to organize a linen closet and clear out old linens and sets we no longer ioke, or are looking a little worse for wear, suggests Laura DeJohn, professional home organizer. 

‘It’s time to decide if you really need everything you have. Do you love it? Is there a stain or tear? Maybe it is time to downsize.’  

These extra large vacuum seal storage bags from Walmart are perfect for keeping bulky winter comforters out of the way when not in use, without them taking up all of the room in your closet.l 

4. Clear out the cleaning cabinet

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With many of us in the throws of spring cleaning by the time April rolls around, it is the ideal time to go through your cleaning cabinet and reassess which products we are holding onto, suggests Gabriella Dyson, Head of Solved at Homes & Gardens. Products that we do not like the smell of, duplicates that we don’t use because we forget them and keep buying more, or essential cleaning supplies that we have had for many years and have likely expired are all prime contenders for decluttering, she says. 

‘If the product is new and you simply don’t like the smell or it is not suited to your home, consider donating them or passing them onto a friend to prevent exorbitant waste,’ Gabriella adds. 

5. Finish up with winter clothing

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April also marks a clear shift in the climate, with warmer days finally beating out snow and ice. As such, it is the perfect time to completely swap over your seasonal wardrobes – doing a bit of closet decluttering as you do so to keep your home storage neat and organized, says Beth Lennon, professional organizer and owner of Destination Decluttered:

‘Take a fresh look at your closets for items that are no longer used or misplaced – this will create more room for storing winter coats, boots, and accessories. 

‘The milder temperatures of the spring mean a transition in our wardrobes as well. Before storing cold weather staples like sweaters and fleeces, look at them in the bright light of the day to ensure they’re still in good condition, without fading, holes, pilling, or stretching, and if so, perhaps it’s time to donate or recycle instead of postponing that decision for next year. 

‘If you aren’t in the habit of this you may find too that when you take your spring clothing out of storage it may not be in the crisp clean fresh condition you would like and to cull out those worn items, to ensure you look good and feel your best.’


How can I stay motivated to declutter in April? 

When bogged down in spring cleaning, transitioning your home from cold to warmer weather, and tackling the start of allergy season, it can be tricky to stay motivated to declutter. When feeling overwhelmed in April, try permitting more breaks – remember that most tasks can be postponed a week or so if you need the time to rest. Breaking down tasks into more manageable chunks will prevent burnout.  

With winter firmly behind us, April is also a great time to be ruthless with winter items that you have not used in the last six months. Now the snow and ice have passed, anything you have not used should be a candidate for donation, as we are unlikely to use them again next winter, let alone any time soon. 

Maintain this extra storage space ready for replacement items, or to make cleaning easier down the line.

Chiana Dickson

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