The colors you should never paint your hallway – and what really works

These are the colors you should never paint a hallway, a psychologist warns

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An entryway or hallway is often the first room that guests see in your home – meaning it is imperative to make the right design choices and curate a memorable scheme. However, your desire to experiment with certain paints may be impacting your wellbeing – and creating a memorable first impression for all the wrong reasons. 

If you are rethinking your hallway ideas, take heed: psychologist and wellbeing consultant Lee Chambers explains that there are some shades that should be avoided. And despite our vibrant entryway daydreams, we can’t argue with science. 

These are the colors you should never paint your hallway – and the shade you should embrace instead.

The colors you should never paint your hallway – according to color psychology 

Hallway with orange and white color scheme

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While pink is one of the most beautiful colors to play with in your scheme, Lee suggests you might want to have a rethink when it comes to hallway paint ideas for your entryway. 

‘Pink takes the vibrancy of red and tones it down to create mellow energy. A vibrant pink hallway is quite a statement and could potentially be unsettling for guests of a quiet nature,’ he explains. 

Plus, red poses a similar risk – as while it is certainly bold, it can also be over-stimulating and feel like a warning sign to some people. However, Lee is not exclusive in his warning against some of the season’s most popular tones. 

Blue hallway with white ceiling and stone floor

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Color consultant and therapist Suzy Chiazzari also doesn't recommend using ‘dark shades of green, blue, grey and purple’ as a ‘hallway should be a friendly welcoming place,’ and these have ‘a negative effect on your mood and energy levels.’ 

The best color hallways 

So, what color should you try instead, according to Lee? Perhaps the polar opposite to these moody hues – Lee suggests choosing a warm yellow that will ‘stimulate creativity.’

‘Entering a yellow hallway is likely to make you feel happy and vibrant,’ he says. ‘While as a color that can fatigue your eyes quickly, yellow is perfect in a hallway for creating a sunny welcome – and a creative burst as you leave.’

Yellow painted room with black accessorises

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Has psychology just changed your entryway plans? This effortlessly easy paint idea could make all the difference to the first room in your house – and leave you and your guests feeling happy while passing through the space.  

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