Boho bathroom decor – 13 beautiful laidback looks for your space

Our boho bathroom decor ideas can help you to create an inviting, tranquil bathroom space in your home

Boho bathroom decor. Three bathrooms that embrace boho bathroom decor, earth, natural color palettes and textures
(Image credit: Jake Curtis, Ripples, Davide Lovatti)

Bohemian décor ideas are defined by a diverse mix of styles, rich with color, pattern and texture. 

Exploring boho bathroom décor for your bathroom ideas can transform a clinical, functional bathroom space into a diverse environment bursting with character and charm. 

Your bathroom should be an inviting, relaxing space that still mirrors the rest of the design scheme in your home. Using boho bathroom décor ideas, from colorful tile designs, inviting soft textures and beautiful decorative objects, you can create an impressionable, stylish space that embodies much more than just practicality.

Boho bathroom decor

Bohemian décor ideas can sometimes be hard to define as there are no set rules, but that is what makes this style so expressive, unique and completely individual.

A boho style is often described as combining a variety of contrasting materials, textures and colors, often looking to nature and the idea of travel for inspiration. The result can be both bold and laid back, with many designs embodying an organic, free-spirited look that is relaxed and informal.

Below we have gathered our top boho bathroom décor ideas to help you create this eclectic look in your home.

1. Use natural materials

Contemporary bathroom with striking natural, earthy feel. Brown painted walls with paneling, large window, rustic, natural stone sink on top of wooden plinth, natural floorboards with textured rug in a natural, black and white finish. Linen style hanging curtain, geometric console table with curved table lamp and accessories,

(Image credit: Jake Curtis)

A great place to start when planning your Boho bathroom décor ideas, the use of natural materials, such as wood, stone and rattan, can create a beautifully relaxed environment that effortlessly transports you to the outside world. 

In this bathroom space, the elegant mix of decorative objects and natural materials are united through a calming, neutral color palette, creating a stunning space that appears nothing like a traditional bathroom.

2. Choose a bold wallpaper design 

Bathroom space with bold tiger wallpaper with black background, traditional sink with exposed piping, oval mirror with bamboo style edging

(Image credit: Davide Lovatti)

'The bathroom is a great place to be adventurous with bathroom wallpaper ideas, as it is smaller than most other rooms in the home, allowing for you to choose a stand-out, unexpected design that can create a truly unique bathroom space,' says Homes & Gardens' Editor in Chief Lucy Searle.

When considering wallpaper for your boho bathroom décor, choosing a bold design can create a striking, maximalist look.

The intricate, tiger patterned wallpaper in this bathroom evokes feelings of travel and warmth, and the design is perfectly complemented by the bamboo style, oval mirror, adding a sense of depth and natural texture to the space.

 3. Create a relaxed, calming space 

Spa like bathroom design with fluted, wooden paneled ceiling, textured white walls, large rounded mirror, two oval mirrors attached to the floor and ceiling, striking freestanding bath design in a warming taupe, matching sink, bath positioned on a stepped level, three hanging shades in a cluster, wooden accessories.

(Image credit: Ripples)

Luxury bathroom ideas are becoming increasingly popular when planning bathroom designs for the home. Creating a serene space that takes inspiration from a luxurious spa is a great way to create your very own relaxing retreat at home. 

The materials and textures often used in boho bathroom décor, such as wood and stone, are perfect for creating a dreamy, spa-like space. 

In this bathroom suite, the warmth of the fluted, wooden paneled ceiling creates an instantly welcoming space, perfectly complemented by the wooden flooring. The use of contrasting shapes, height-levels and warming, earthy colors and materials create a truly stand-out space. Finished with a stunning free-standing bath, the overall look embraces a relaxed boho style with a luxurious twist.

4. Use naturally textured lighting designs

Bathroom space in a natural color palette, brown painted walls, warm wooden flooring, twin freestanding white sinks with textured, woven pendant lights hanging above, wooden shelving unit with decorative accessories and books

(Image credit: Ripples)

Natural materials such as wicker and rattan have long been associated with Boho décor. Using these types of materials in your bathroom is a simple way to achieve a relaxed Boho look, with natural, textured pendant lights adding warmth and inviting texture to your bathroom space.

Woven pendant lights and lanterns should not just be reserved for Bohemian living room ideas, when styled and hung in the right way, these timeless lighting designs can establish a unique, physical and visual texture in your bathroom.

5. Choose an earthy color scheme 

Bathroom by Beata Heuman

(Image credit: Simon Brown/Beata Heuman)

When planning your bathroom paint ideas for your Boho bathroom scheme, using an earthy, grounding color palette can create a harmonious environment that pays tribute to the colors of the natural world.

Justyna Korczynska, Senior Designer at Crown Paints states for Boho paint ideas, 'burnt orange and terracotta are colors that combine the qualities of a natural earthiness with a strong contemporary style.'

The warming terracotta paint used in this bathroom adds an uplifting energy to the room, as well as making you feel instantly relaxed and welcomed into the space. Complemented by the dark wooden cabinet and greenery, the overall look effortlessly transports you to warmer climes.

6. Embrace contrast

View through doorway to wallpapered room with wooden vanity unit and grey marbled hand basin.

(Image credit: Jon Day Photography)

A Bohemian style is defined by beautiful contrasts, whether that be in print, material or color. 

Amanda Telford, Marketing Manager at CTD Tiles states, 'creating a Boho aesthetic in the bathroom is all about combining different colors, textures and finishes. A common theme within a Boho bathroom will be to layer different pieces. For the perfect scheme, you want to achieve a ‘busy’ look without it being too cluttered, it’s a tricky balance but if done correctly can create a warm and inviting ambience.'

In this bathroom, the beautiful basin creates a striking contrast with the detailed wallpaper design, with the layered contrast further enhanced by the wooden, wall mounted mirrors. This confident use of contrasting materials, textures and prints combine elements of traditional and contemporary styles, working in harmony to create a sophisticated, Boho inspired scheme for the bathroom.

7. Be inspired by nature

Bathroom inspired by nature, with wood rim bath, metro wall tiles and two windows with shutters, bamboo chair, log-style stool and feature wallpaper

(Image credit: Chris Everard)

Bohemian décor ideas are often influenced by the timeless beauty of the natural world, whether that be through the use of natural materials such as wood, using a botanical wallpaper print, or accessorizing with plants and greenery.

Being outdoors and immersed in nature is renowned to make us feel more relaxed and calm, so incorporating elements of the natural world into your boho bathroom space is only going to elevate feelings of tranquillity and restfulness – perfect also for boho nursery decor.

8. Add a rug for warmth and texture

Blue painted bathroom with blue tiled feature wall, blue wash stand with two sinks, two mirrors and two wall lamps, pink rug and chair in corner of the room

(Image credit: Neptune)

Rugs are not often associated with bathroom spaces, but bathroom rug ideas are becoming increasingly popular, especially for large bathrooms, to create a cozy and inviting space.

Dena Kirby, Senior Designer at Ripples states, 'I feel that making the bathroom feel more like a room is important when styling a Bohemian space, so incorporate lots of green plants to place around the room along with soft furnishings such as bath mats and towels.'

A typical feature of boho décor, rugs are a simple way to add a soft layer of inviting texture to a space. Using a rug for boho bathroom décor ideas can make your bathroom feel more welcoming, with tactile texture underfoot effortlessly grounding you to the space.

 9. Create character with colorful tile designs 

Topps Tiles Cliq Hot Pink bathroom wall tiles

(Image credit: Topps Tiles Cliq Hot Pink tiles)

Tiles are often the main feature in a bathroom. With there being an array of patterns, colors and shapes to choose from, through tile designs you can express your style and personality in your bathroom space with ease.

When planning bathroom tile ideas for Boho bathroom décor, embracing color and pattern will help to create a unique, characterful design.

Dena Kirby states, 'there are so many different styles of tiles available now, and with the Bohemian look being quite versatile, you could opt for brightly colored patterned tiles to give a Boho Moroccan look, or go down the route of using calming tones and floral/nature printed tiles to give a more subtle appearance'.

10. Decorate with unique objets and decorative pieces 

Large bathroom with wooden paneled ceiling, large circular mirror hanging above sink and vanity unit, marble flooring with large white bath, wooden hand seat/decorative object beside bath, geometric glass pendant light above bath

GRAFF – Art of Bath

(Image credit: GRAFF)

The essence of Bohemian style is routed in collecting objects and artefacts from travels around the world, creating a unique, blended atmosphere that encompasses different styles, cultures and history.

Decorating your bathroom with unique objects and decorative pieces will ultimately make the space feel more inviting and connected to you and your personal style. 

Mixing old, vintage items with contemporary pieces will create an eclectic and unique appeal, so do not forget to accessorize when planning your Boho bathroom décor ideas, as these decorative items can make a whole scheme come together.

11. Use cabinet curtains 

Green twin mirror and lamps, blue tiled splashback

(Image credit: Vanrenen GW Designs)

This traditional design feature can be a stylish way to add tactile texture and eye-catching print and pattern to your bathroom space. 

Often associated with boho kitchen décor, cabinet curtains can also create a decorative focal point in your bathroom space, adding a unique touch to the space.

Whether you're opting for a more vintage Boho look, or are creating a subtle Boho atmosphere in a modern bathroom space, transforming your cabinet designs with pretty curtains can add elegant softness to your bathroom. 

12. Incorporate seating for a relaxed vibe 

Pink Victorian bathroom design by Anna Haines

(Image credit: Andrew Steel)

'Incorporating seating in your bathroom can create a luxurious atmosphere where relaxation is at the forefront. Placing a chair or ottoman in your bathroom can transform how you use the space, it can also add a contrasting element of texture and character,' says Jennifer Ebert, Homes & Gardens' Digital Editor.

A bathroom that is rich with color and texture but still remains calm, the use of the traditional, rustic wooden and woven chair here adds a beautiful, vintage element to the pretty pink, Boho scheme. The chair is further grounded to the space by the use of the soft rug beneath, with the relaxed, reclined design welcoming you into the room.

13. Create a subtle boho look

Relaxed bathroom space with large mirror in white with rounded, scalloped edging, brass and opal slender hanging pendant, dark wood vanity cabinet and sink with marble countertop

(Image credit: Kimberley Harrison Interiors)

In this tranquil bathroom, designed by Kimberley Harrison Interiors, the creative use of shape, scale and texture all reference Boho décor but in a relaxed, modern way. 

The serene, minimalist design is elevated by the large scale mirror design and ornamental decorative objects. Bathroom boho décor ideas do not always need to be big, bold and colorful, they can work just as well when pared-back and understated.

What is boho style for a bathroom?

Boho style for a bathroom should be a celebration of shape, color, texture and, of course, the natural world. 

Boho bathroom décor is always going to be flexible, there are no set rules – that would go against what it truly represents. What makes boho bathroom décor so fun and exciting is that it can be fluid and unique to your personal style and possessions.

Embracing the unconventional and the unique is a great place to get started for Boho bathroom décor ideas, with the end goal being a relaxed, inviting space that reflects your personality.

Whether you choose a layered, maximalist design rich with vibrant pattern, or opt for a more calming, earthy color palette, Boho bathroom décor ideas allow for you to be creative, adventurous and diverse.

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