Best mini fridges 2024 – selected by an expert

The best mini fridges are a luxurious extra, perfect for keeping snacks and drinks cool. I've looked through thousands and these are the ones you need.

One of the best mini fridges on the market, the Smeg FAB5 Mini Fridge in cream in abedroom
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GE mini fridge next to cabinets

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1. The list in brief ↴
1. Best overall: GE Double door
2. Best value: Frigidaire 1.6 cu ft Compact
3. Best luxury: Smeg Fab5
4. Best compact: Midea Compact
5. Best spacious: Danby Diplomat
6. Best quiet: Homelabs Beverage Refrigerator
7. Best built-in: Café Dual Drawer
8. Best budget: Magic Chef Freezerless
9. Best for skincare: Cooluli Mini Beauty
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Whether you choose to place your mini fridge in your bedroom, office, garage, or car, these petite appliances walk the line between laziness and luxury. They don't take up much room, but can keep all your favorite things within just an arm's reach.

Whilst they might seem simple, there's a lot more to mini fridges than meets the eye. Some have the capacity to heat, some have freezers, and others specialise in keeping specific foodstuffs cool. 

Having researched the best refrigerators on the market, I was unsurprised to see a lot of manufacturer crossover. Well-loved household brands like Smeg, GE, and Frigidaire make excellent miniature versions of their bigger models. However, there are also brands, such as Midea, Homelabs and Magic Chef who specialise in making brilliant mini fridges. 

I've scrolled through thousands of mini fridges and though a culmination of expert and user reviews have chosen these nine as the best mini fridges on the market.

The quick list

Here's a micro introduction to these mini fridges. If you want to dive deep into the details, you'll find more information further down this buying guide.

The best mini fridges we recommend in 2024

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The best mini fridge overall

1. GE Double Door Mini Fridge

All the functions of your main fridge, just minature


Dimensions: 33 3/8" x 18 3/4" x 20 1/8"
Weight: 56 pounds
Capacity: 3.1 cubic feet
Freezer: yes

Reasons to buy

Good freezer space
Effective crisper drawer
Sleek design

Reasons to avoid

Can't store in garage
Can only take out (not adjust) shelves
Buy it if

✅ You want freezer space: this has nearly 1 cu ft of it
✅ You want a premium model: this is made from glass and stainless steel
✅ You need efficiency: this has an energy star rating

Don't buy it if:

❌ You don't need a freezer: this will be wasted space
❌ You're on a budget: this is over $400
❌ This will go in the garage: it's not safe for outdoor use

The bottom line

🔎 GE Double Door: this offers everything your normal fridge would, just scaled down. It's high-spec, but that comes at a cost.

GE make great full-sized refrigerators, so it should be no surprise that they've shrunk their classic design into an incredible mini fridge. Refrigerators are rarely aesthetically pleasing, but this sleek, brushed stainless steel style looks stylish and luxurious. It needs to, however: this costs over $400.

What GE does really well is the technicalities. Experts unanimously agree that this is excellent at temperature regulation, in both the fridge and freezer section. Lots of mini fridge freezers don't get cold enough to be useful for ice and ice creams, but this has both the capacity and freezer strength to keep your frozen food, well, frozen. 

Inside the refrigerator section, there's a clear crisper drawer, shelving, and a door rack. If that's too compartmentalized for your larger soda bottles and cans, the glass shelves are easy to remove. It's a shame that they're not adjustable, because you're potentially left with a stray sheet of glass in your home.

That might sound like a big demand on your utilities, but the GE has an Energy Star for efficiency, meaning you're making the most of your money. The dual doors mean that you don't end up opening the freezer every time you reach for a snack in the fridge. 

There's a lot to love about the GE, but if you're thinking of storing this in your garage or outside, think again. GE explicitly says that it is not suitable for either of these places. That could be an expensive storage mistake to make.

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Test results
CapacityPlenty of space, adjutsble too★★★★★
ValueExpensive, but worth it★★★★★
AestheticsClassic style★★★★★

The best value mini fridge

2. Frigidaire 1.6 cu.ft Compact

Sleek, petite, and effective


Dimensions: 18.3" x 19.6" x 17.5"
Weight: 30 lbs
Capacity: 1.6 cup ft
Freezer: yes, but small

Reasons to buy

Reversible door
Range of colorways 
Great value

Reasons to avoid

Freezer is tiny
Buy it if

✅ You are short on space: this is ultra compact
✅ You're color conscious: this is available in eight shades
✅ You use ice often: this has some freezer space

Don't buy it if:

❌ You need a lot of fridge space: this is small
❌ You need a lot of freezer space: this is really only big enough for ice trays
❌ You'll have this in your room: the fans are loud

The bottom line

🔎 Frigidaire 1.6 cu.ft Compact: this is one of Walmart's best sellers. There's enough space for your basics, but, be warned, the fan is louder than other models'.

Frigidaire has taken all their expertise on full-sized fridges and scaled it down into the ultra-compact mini fridge. 1.6 cubic feet might not sound like much space, but if you read the customer reviews, you'll find people have room for 2 liter soda bottles, cans, and food too. 

The bottom shelf is slightly capped in capacity with a small ledge, so you're better off storing loose ingredients here, rather than boxes and cans. The only other place you'd be squeezed for space is in the 'freezer', which really only has enough room for an ice cube tray.

There are lots of well-considered features all over the Frigidaire. The reversible door suits both left and right handed users, the back can sit flush against the wall, and there are some useful levelling legs. 

I read reviews saying this reached temperature in as little as ten minutes and then has an accurate, adjustable thermostat which can adjust the temperature to suit how full your mini fridge is. All that comes in at just $80, which is incredible value, too. Nobody faulted the Frigidaire on price.

The most common warning issued in reviews is the fan noise. Users describe this as sounding like wind blowing in the house. If you prize peacefulness, this isn't the one for you. In an office, it's no problem, in a bedroom it is. 

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Test results
CapacityOn the small side★★★★
ValueGreat value★★★★
AestheticsA little crude★★★★

The best luxury mini fridge

3. Smeg FAB5

A masterclass in miniature luxury


Dimensions: 19 11/16" x 15 7/8" x 29 1/8"
Weight: 50 pounds
Capacity: 1.34 cubic feet
Freezer: yes

Reasons to buy

Very stylish
Feels premium
Good capacity

Reasons to avoid

Fixed hinges
Buy it if

✅ You put style first: this is beautiful
✅ You want premium finishes:
this feels luxurious
✅ You want capacity:
this is surprisingly spacious

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're on a budget: this is expensive
❌ You want a lot of freezer space:
this is limited
❌ You'll switch between right and left opening: the door hinges are fixed

The bottom line

🔎 Smeg Fab5: pretty and petite, this is the most stylish mini fridge on the market. It feels premium, but comes at a high cost.

Nobody does style better than Smeg. One look at the smooth curves and glossy colors of the Smeg tells you everything you need to know about this glamorous, 1950s-style mini fridge. It's all about appearances. There are plenty of color options available from Smeg (if you look at just one, make it their limited edition Dolce & Gabbana's Mediterranean print), so if you need a stylish option for your home, you're in good company.

Inside, the layout is just like a normal refrigerator. There are two adjustable shelves, and two storage options in the door (one balcony and one bottle shlef). It also comes with an ice cube tray, so you can use this as a drinks fridge, or a useful snacks fridge.

Smeg's larger refrigerators have been criticised for their efficiency, but this boasts an ultra-low noise level and an A+ energy efficiency rating. As you can see, there's a lot to love about this luxurious option. However, the inevitable price tag is a lot less appealing. You'll need to set aside at least $1,000 for one of these. It also isn't completely customizable. Some $80 models have reversible hinges, suiting a range of positions. When you buy a Smeg mini fridge, you need to pick whether you want a right or left hand hinge when you order it. 

It would be remiss of me not to give an honorable mention to the Galanz Retro Compact Refrigerator. This was incredibly close to stealing the spot for 'best luxury' and 'best retro' mini fridge. This costs just one third of the price of Smeg's and still boasts 3.3 cu ft of capacity and an impressive aesthetic. It would have taken top spot if it didn't feel so cheap.

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Test results
CapacityGood space★★★★★
AestheticsStunning and available in a range of colors★★★★★

The best compact mini fridge

4. Midea Compact WHS-65LB1

Tiny, but efficient


Dimensions: 17.7 x 18.6 x 19.4 inches
Weight: 30 lbs
Capacity: 1.6 cu ft
Freezer: yes