Ayesha Curry's coffee routine makes her morning 10x more luxurious, and it's so easy to recreate

Experts explain how to add some flair to our morning cup of joe, the Ayesha Curry way

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A morning routine sets the tone for the entire day. A positive routine has the power to improve your mood or set you up for success in your daily tasks. If anyone knows this, it's Ayesha Curry.

The successful actress has a lot on her plate. However, figuring out a morning coffee routine is no concern of hers: she has it down pat. Ayesha blessed us with images of her coffee process in her Instagram story, and it's one of the most luxurious we've ever seen to date. 

lavendar fennel latte from Ayesha Curry

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Ayesha starts every morning with a lavender fennel latte made in her pristine coffee bar. If your mouth is watering (mine certainly is!), here's how to recreate Ayesha's moment of morning peace.

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(Image credit: @AyeshaCurry on Instagram)

1. Choose Your Coffee Wisely

Any coffee expert will tell you that your beans matter, but what's most important is tailoring your morning drink to your particular tastes. For instance, it's no surprise that Ayesha Curry swears by the coffee sold by her brand, the Sweet July House Blend. What's interesting is the flavors she's added: fennel and lavender. This highly personalized latte brings an extra special touch to Ayesha's morning.

To find your own, practice trying a new and innovative coffee type every few weeks. Maybe you'll fall in love with Vietnamese coffee or maybe mushroom coffee is more your thing. You can't know until you try them all.

2. Grind your own beans

Grinding your beans, rather than buying coffee grounds, is one of those barista-level touches that helps you to make cafe-quality coffee at home. If the morning routine is meant to elevate your day by integrating luxury into quotidian tasks (and we think it is!), grinding is one of the most important steps. 

Ayesha uses the Major VP Coffee Grinder by Mazzer, which is one excellent option, but many of the best coffee grinders come at a lower price point. Take your time to decide what works best for your particular needs.

3. Froth your milk

Frothing your milk is the single most important step to turn your average latte into a great latte. Laura Honey, former Barista and Homes & Gardens' resident coffee expert, states: Having a milk frother in your home coffee station set-up can elevate your coffee experience from sip-standard to proper, cafe-quality brews.'

A headshot of Laura Honey, with bookshelves in the background
Laura Honey

Laura is our e-Commerce editor who was trained as a barista eight years ago. She has been making, drinking, and enjoying coffee ever since. She’s spent time with Q-graders, coffee roasters, and other experts in the coffee community. Now, she tests and writes about all things coffee for us here at Homes & Gardens  

She continues, 'Making smooth, velvety latte and cappuccino milk yourself is really tricky, but a good milk frother, like the Nespresso Aeroccino or Breville's Milk Cafe, will be able to texture milk flawlessly in next-to-no time. It's a truly luxurious investment that I wouldn't go without.'

Our list of the best milk frothers is a great jumping-off point for finding your perfect tool.

4. Use your favorite cup

A favorite mug is a sacred thing. Using the best cappuccino cup is yet another way to signal to yourself that your tastes matter first thing in the morning. From Hermès to handmade, it's about what luxury means to you.

No matter your favorite coffee flavor, your favorite coffee tools, or whether or not you're a coffee drinker at all, a morning routine is important. Knowing you can make your favorite warm drink at the drop of a hat just makes getting up all the much easier.

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