Ayesha Curry's face towels will fix this common eyesore in your bathroom – and they're one of Oprah's Favorite Things of 2023

Because grubby face cloths aren't exactly aesthetically pleasing

ayesha curry's towels
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If Oprah has added a product to her Favorite Things list, it's going to be good. The face towels from Ayesha Curry's brand, Sweet July Skin, once again prove the rule. Ayesha's Day + Night Face Towel Set was added to Oprah's 2023 list, and we think the design is brilliant. Far beyond a simple beauty hack, Ayesha's 100% cotton towels also serve to fix two common bathroom eyesores: face towel storage, and not exactly pleasing, makeup stains on towels.

We love the way these towels fit into your bathroom design, and they're 20% off with the code OPRAH right now too. 

Ayesha Curry's Day + Night Towels offer a perfect solution for the common issue of small towel storage. While it is easy to fold up bath sheets, bath towels, and hand towels and stack them in the linen closet, smaller towels are more difficult to deal with. A tall stack of washcloths will almost certainly fall over, and without a loop, they are too small to hang. 

With the inclusion of a stylish cotton towel holder, Ayesha Curry sidesteps these issues. Once you are done with your Sweet July Towels, you can roll them up and add them to your adorable basket for an easily organized bathroom countertop.

These Sweet July towels also help users overcome the frustration of getting makeup on their light-colored bath towels. We've all been there, you wash your face and dry it off, not realizing that you didn't get all of the makeup off your face. It leaves a smudge on the towel, which is at best an unsightly mark until you wash the towel, and at worst becomes a permanent stain, ruining any chance of your towels working as a stylish bathroom accessory.

The Day + Night towels avoid this issue by including darkly colored towels to be used specifically at night when you are taking your makeup off. They are even clearly marked with an adorable little moon. I'm not sure why we didn't think of this before, but I can definitely see it becoming a huge towel trend going forward.

With endorsements from Ayesha Curry, Oprah, and our design experts as well as an active discount code, purchasing the Day + Night towels is a no-brainer. If they aren't your style, check out our guide for buying towels for more inspiration.

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