Celebrities are shirking convention and opting for this surprising kitchen cabinet color – designers say it is the most versatile shade around

From Tom Brady to Jennifer Garner, this fast-growing cabinet trend is appearing across celebrity homes – and experts love its rustic aesthetic

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One of the biggest considerations when designing a kitchen is creating a space that will last, and choosing the right cabinet color is a huge part of that. In the past, cool neutral shades like white and gray were the most popular options for a cabinet color that would not date, but that's all changing. There's a new favored timeless cabinet color in town, and it is appearing in some of the world's most beautiful celebrity homes: unpainted wood cabinets.

Tom Brady, Cameron Diaz, Chrissy Teigen, Jennifer Garner, Courteney Cox, and more are all tapping into the wooden kitchen cabinet look. Each celeb has a different take on the look, but unpainted cabinetry looks beautiful in all of their homes. Furthermore, the trend is favored among interior designers for its warmth, versatility, and ageless style.

'For those who appreciate the timeless feel of wood, unpainted wood kitchen cabinets are a great option,' says Michelle Pointras, principal interior designer at Lucien Marie Design.

'From the beautiful movement in the grain to the variety of color tones from one cabinet to the next, adding warmth and natural touch to your home. Wood cabinets work well in various interior and architectural styles of homes, from traditional, classic, Scandinavian, contemporary, and modern interiors; this finish is a suitable option across the board. The authenticity that wood provides can enhance the design of any home.'

The Celebrity Wooden Cabinets Trend

The popularity of wooden cabinets in celebrity homes aligns with the evolution of interior design trends since the late 2010s. Pointras tells Homes & Gardens: 'From the 90’s up until around 2010, a monochromatic color palette dominated interiors. Styles gradually evolved until the present, whereas now we are witnessing a shift to the opposite end of the spectrum. Rich woods, earth tones, warm neutrals, and a variety of colors have resurfaced for the first time in decades and as designers, we are feeling inspired by the array of options available at our fingertips.'

This array of options is evident across celebrity homes: From Tom Brady's cool minimalist take on the look to Cameron Diaz's organic luxe style, there are a variety of methods for embracing wood cabinets in every home. Varied shades of wood, different backsplash materials, paint colors, and hardware choices all transform the tone these cabinets take on.

In Tom Brady and Courteney Cox's houses, light, grayish wood stretches in monolithic boards up to the ceiling, creating an understated, casual kitchen style. Cameron Diaz's choice to pair her orange-toned wooden cabinets with opulent slabs of white and charcoal marble and brass hardware transforms the wood cabinet look into a unique take on the quiet luxury trend.

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen's home once again remake the wood kitchen cabinet idea. The couple pairs light-stained wooden cabinets with white walls, a brown and white marble backsplash, and a futuristic oven hood for a stylish, contemporary look. Taking things in the opposite direction, Jennifer Garner pairs her wood cabinets with white walls and exposed ceiling beams for a warm and rustic style.

Why are wood cabinets so appealing?

'Given the versatility and timelessness of wooden cabinets, it's no surprise that so many celebrities and regular people alike find them to be the perfect choice for their kitchens,' says Kathy Kuo, acclaimed NYC-based interior designer. She continues, 'Depending on how the rest of the space is styled, wooden cabinets have the potential to look rustic, modern, Scandinavian, or French country-inspired. Plus, a natural wood color is easy to pair with just about any color combination or style of kitchen hardware.'

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Kathy Kuo

Kathy Kuo is a celebrated interior designer and international guru within the home and lifestyle space. She has 20+ years of experience in the design industry.

Aside from their versatility, wooden cabinets are popular for the grounded and elegant look they bring to any kitchen. This is at least in part because the sustainable kitchen design staples come from the earth.

'The unique grain patterns and textures of wood bring natural beauty into any space. Each piece of wood is unique, adding character and warmth that synthetic materials simply can’t replicate,' explains designer Nina Lichtenstein.

Plus, the benefits of wooden cabinets go beyond aesthetics. The durability of this cabinet style makes it a practical choice for an oft-used kitchen. 'High-quality wooden cabinets are incredibly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use. Their longevity makes them a smart investment, as they often outlast other materials like particleboard or laminate,' states Lichtenstein. Wood cabinets are also an excellent choice for those who are passionate about sustainability, as the natural materials are biodegradable, unlike synthetic materials.

'As the kitchen trend towards nature-inspired interiors continues to grow, wooden cabinets will undoubtedly maintain their status as a symbol of elegance and comfort in high-end spaces. Whether you're a celebrity or simply someone with a taste for luxury, wooden cabinets offer an enduring and sophisticated addition to any home,' Lichtenstein tells H&G. We can't wait to see it.

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