Experts say Christina Ricci's unusual pool is a 'wise investment' – here's why

Landscapers and pool experts alike love the way the Addams Family alum has built her outdoor space

christina ricci at the women filmmakers festival
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Christina Ricci has built a long and strange career playing characters with a dark edge. Starring in shows and films like The Addams Family Values, Sleepy Hollow, and Wednesday has solidified her image as a scream queen. However, Christina's life off-screen couldn't be further from her macabre roles. 

A recent Instagram post shows the actress happily playing in the pool with her hairstylist husband, Mark Hampton, and their two children. Besides the beautiful family, Ricci's naturally edged pool idea also stands out in the video.

We spoke to the experts, and they all had glowing reviews of the Yellowjackets (available on Hulu) actress's pool. They admired the aesthetic and further asserted that Christina's pool is more than a passing garden trend

Ward Dilmore, a Bay Area-based landscape designer states, 'A pool with a natural stone edge is, in my opinion, a design choice that seamlessly merges aesthetics with nature. When you introduce this style of pool into your yard, it creates a harmonious effect, blurring the lines between your outdoor space and the surrounding environment. The rugged beauty of natural stone offers a sense of authenticity that synthetic materials can't replicate. It evokes a feeling of tranquillity and serenity, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a peaceful retreat in their yard.' 

Ward Dilmore
Ward Dilmore

Ward Dilmore is a landscape designer and Founder of Petrus Landscape, redefining outdoor spaces in the Bay Area, California. With an unconventional blend of horticulture expertise and international relations background, Ward brings youthful innovation and sustainable creativity to his designs. Ward's commitment to merging beauty with eco-conscious practices marks him as a dynamic artist in the industry, carving a path of bold, fresh perspectives in the world of landscaping.

Tom Su, landscaper and owner of Lawn Edging says, 'This design choice is excellent for several reasons. Firstly, it promotes sustainability by utilizing natural materials, which blend seamlessly with the outdoor environment.'

tom su of lawn edging
Tom Su

Tom has over a decade of experience in the home and garden industry. He has dedicated his career to creating beautiful, sustainable outdoor spaces. As the owner of, he specializes in high-quality lawn edging solutions that enhance the aesthetic and functional value of any garden. 

He continues, 'Secondly, it offers versatility in design, as natural stones are available in various shapes, sizes, and colors, allowing for a unique and personalized pool design. Lastly, a natural stone edge pool is timeless, providing enduring beauty and adding value to the property.'

When choosing to invest in a pool, most people wonder if a backyard pool will add value to their home. In the case of the naturally edged pool, Ward Dillmore answers with a resounding yes. Ward states: 'Beyond aesthetics, the durability of natural stone ensures this is a wise long-term investment, enduring for years while continuing to enhance the overall outdoor experience.'

Christina Ricci may be known as the queen of horror, but that doesn't hold her back from being the queen of natural pool edging. If you want to recreate the look, read our list of pool area ideas to get started. 

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