Cindy Crawford's balcony focal point proves this hot garden trend continues to burn in 2024

The model's bespoke fire pit is Hygge heaven – experts explain why we should follow suit this new year

Cindy Crawford
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Our love of outdoor fire pits has already burned slowly for many seasons, but this trend will burn red-hot in 2024, and Cindy Crawford is already involved. 

The supermodel shared a 'hygge-happy' snapshot from her Los Angeles home, where the sun was setting over her balcony, creating the perfect fire pit environment. However, this look translates to backyards and balconies far beyond the Golden State. 

Firepits, like Cindy's, allow us to enjoy the outdoors after sundown and transform our exteriors into a warm, welcoming space for everyone to enjoy during every season. It's no surprise, therefore, that experts have observed a rising trend for backyard firepits as we begin the new year. 

According to Harbour Lifestyle, Google searches for 'fire pit' were up 200% throughout December 2023, so the desire for a stylish heating appliance is evident.

'A get-together from the comfort of your own home may be preferable this year. Utilizing a fire pit for your soiree allows you to keep the cozy atmosphere alive without causing potential damage or creating safety hazards in your outdoor space', comments Harbour Lifestyle's CMO Joel Garthwaite.

Alongside its practical and aesthetic benefits, designers explain that firepits similarly tap into the Hygge trend – the Danish-led iconic style that continues to impress both inside and out. But why?

While in recent years, making the most of the spaces we own to entertain and savor has been prioritized over exuberant social lives, transitioning outdoor rooms from summer settings to a cozy winter retreat elevates and extends the 'Hygge experience' outdoors, allowing us to enjoy gardens and terraces all year round. 

Outdoor Furniture Expert
Joel Garthwaite
Outdoor Furniture Expert
Joel Garthwaite

Joel Garthwaite is the CMO at Harbour Lifestyle, the online retailer of high-end indoor and outdoor lifestyle products. They offer an extensive range of products that are both luxurious and designed to help us 'live life to the fullest.'

Small garden decking ideas

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'In the fast-paced world we live in, people are craving ways to slow down and relax, and the cozycore trend provides an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,' adds Brenna Ryan, design expert at Victorian Plumbing.

'The design trend is heavily inspired by Scandinavian ‘Hygge,’ a concept which roughly translated is the feeling of being cozy and content, enjoying the simple things in life.'

The sophisticated source of heating and light can be achieved with a few essentials of fire pit design

Assess your space to consider whether your outdoor footprint will benefit from a super-sized sunken centerpiece without compromising safety. 

Or, perhaps a more compact consideration will meet the requirements to embody the sense of warmth and comfort needed to hit the hot spot.

Large or little, recessed or raised, a fire pit will offer optimal ambiance at dusk that is set to attract in 2024, like moths to a flame. Here are some of our favorites so we can get the Cindy Crawford look faster.