Cindy Crawford's kitchen color is causing debate among designers – is it a classic? Or is this scheme starting to date?

The model's kitchen color makes her space feel larger and brighter, but some experts claim white schemes might be starting to date

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It's indisputable that white is one of the most classic color choices. It goes with everything and makes a space feel large, clean, and bright. These are surely the qualities of the color that compelled Cindy Crawford to choose white cabinets, white countertops, and a white backsplash in her kitchen. However, interior designers caution that too much of the shade can look sterile and be difficult to clean. Despite these concerns, experts admit that this shade is classic and versatile with benefits that ultimately outweigh the cons. Here's what the experts had to say about white kitchens.

As for the pros of the shade, interior designers say that Cindy Crawford's kitchen decor will never go out of style. Gaelle Dudley, head interior designer and founder of GLDESIGN states: 'White is timeless, never boring! Although kitchen trends are fun, in my opinion, you can never go wrong with a classic white kitchen. I find myself
always searching for the perfect white hue when designing projects and I
personally prefer a crisp white with no yellow undertones.'

Gaelle Dudley
Gaelle Dudley

Gaelle Dudley is the founder and creative director of GLDESIGN, an interior design firm based in Fairfield County, Connecticut. Inspired by her childhood in France, New England shorelines, California Dreams and Florida pastels, Gaelle and the GLDESIGN team weave beach living into every client’s home.

Furthermore, white kitchen decor has benefits for the appearance of the space. Yvonne Landivar, LA-based kitchen and bath designer at Landivar Design states: 'The main advantage white kitchens have is to make a space feel larger, especially in a small enclosed kitchen such as a galley or U-shaped kitchen.'

yvonne landivar of landivar design
Yvonne Landivar

Yvonne Landivar is an LA-based associate kitchen and bath designer (AKBD) she's been designing kitchens and bathrooms for over 20 years, and has been a contractor for more than 16 years. She’s excited to see projects come to life, from concept to completion.

However, Yvonne also cautions about the potential drawbacks of this kitchen color. She states: 'All white kitchens lack the contrast our eyes need to be able to focus properly and find our cooking utensils and spices right away. They are rather sterile looking and seem to lack that cozy feeling we get with warmer tones of wood, paint, and textures on other surfaces like the countertop and backsplash.'

She continues, 'The main drawback to this kitchen color trend is keeping your beautiful white kitchen looking clean is a full-time job, and most working parents and busy adults find it rather tedious to have to dust off their white cabinetry constantly.'

Despite their concerns, the experts agree that Cindy Crawford has pulled off the white kitchen look due to one essential element: attention to texture. Cindy's matte marbled backsplash and white stone countertops combined with the stainless steel stove and wooden sofa create a visual variety that breaks up the look. 

Yvonne says, 'The white kitchen look has been solid for about the last ten or fifteen years, when mixed with other textures and colors it’s a classy look that has longevity and can be timeless.' Gaelle adds on texture in a kitchen stating: 'You can never go
wrong with a white tile, either. Make it more interesting by switching up
the patterns with a herringbone or vertical stack for a backsplash.'

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Like it or not, white cabinets and countertops make for a timeless kitchen design. With a focus on texture, you can get a look just as chic as Cindy Crawford's home.

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